3D animated short film


I’m a professional 3D animator in search of other talents to work on a short film. I have a script and some rough concept sketches to work from. I’m a game developer and have worked on numerous triple ‘A’ titles that sold zillions of copies. I’m very well connected and there’s good chance our group work can be picked up by a huge company.

here’s the basic premise of the project:
Style: Southpark/Simpson’s humor, meshed together with Gorillaz style art and animation (but more realistic).
Age spectrum: Primarily, the cast consists of high school seniors, college students and college grads, but not limited to.
Content: explicit language, partial nudity, mild violence

UPDATE 08-29-09


UPDATE 12-16-08

“I’m a turtle, Mer F**s!!”

UPDATE 11-10-08


UPDATE 10-30-09
I badly need an experienced character rigger who can rig the 2 characters. HELP please!
I want to start animating all the episodes that I have written and recorded! This is the last
bottleneck task that I need done.

UPDATE 10-17-08
*updated added 15 or so more seconds

character update


Well I can help out if you have some action in the film^^


very cool. what do you do?
I forgot to add ‘animator’ to the list of peeps that’s needed.


Well not much concerning the actual 3d work.
I am a choreographer so what I do is make a storyboard of the action sequence so that an animator can work from it.

I use maya so I plan out the sequence and import a few characters(usually models from the short itself…not dummies) and pose them as the action is supposed to go and make renders of the poses,add description for the speed and the posture of the body or velocity of a hit etc.That I kinda write as a storyboard so that is what I pass on to the animator and he works with that.Usually I like to keep in touch throughout the whole production so its not just that i give you pointers and leave you be.I like to make sure things look as I have them in my head so I basicly work with animators till the final render.

I know its not much help because I am not a modeler nor an animator but if you need help with action I can help out:thumbsup:



Well,i’ve been lurking around here every now and then,and i would offer my assistance.
For the past 6/7 years i’ve been modeling 3dsmax/CAD,hardedge/polygonal and spline/nurbs.
I’ve been participating in several mod-teams,aswell as leading one.
For the most part doing military vehicles,weapons,and architecture.Also experienced in environment development ,leveldesign,and texturing(handpainted aswell as production)
Currently im working on a total conversion mod for Crysis named 28-months-later,as a 3d Modeler/Texturer.
In the past i’ve worked on several game engines (all UT engines,Ogre,Falcon Engine,BF- engine,and the Cryengines)
For me now the time has come to get serious about this,and this would be a good opportunity.
Currently my portfolio site is under construction,due to switching ISP,but i can pm you some work if you want.(Hopefully the site is up and running again by the end of the week…)

I am a very dedicated designer,who can work well under pressure,work on multiple tasks in a deadline determined environment.I can work well in a team,aswell as an individual.I am also capable of putting concepts into reality.


Bjorn Seinstra


well just curious but do u actually have anything to show for your hard work as of yet. it really seems like u know what your doing, but I was just wondering how far have u come.


Cannysage…? you still need people?


excellent! I have a few rough, stories that you can help me out with. I can also give you a rudimentary Maya setup (with boxes) that I can forward to your very soon and we can get this rolling.

Your help would be absolutely invaluable!!! please send me a few sameples!! I will PM you my email address… I really appreciate having a industry professional step up to the plate!


I still need more staff. I’m in dire need of a talented character modelers and concept artists. I’ve proposed a good friend of mine to lend a hand on the concept department. Partial audio has been recorded and I’ll be setting up dummy objects in maya very soon. The ball’s rolling and it won’t be another stalemate project that loses steam.


My concept artist friend decided to join the team!! she’s an incredible artist and I’m very please to have her on board!!

so far we have

2 modelers
1 concept artist
1 3d animator
1 choreographer?


I’m Soumitra Saha, working as a 3dartist in Mumbai,India. I’ve 3+ years of experience as a 3d artist. I’m experienced in modeling, texturing, rigging and animaton. You can see my works in www.animking.blogspot.com . I’m willing to work as a freelance artist. If I’m suitable for you please! contact me.


i can compose high quality music for te film


Would be great mate.I would need those stories to get a feel of the characters and that setup sounds great,so send it over on my mail when you have it.




I`d like to join this project too. I am familiar with each section of maya. My special skills are modeling and rigging. I Can do some soundediting too or just help with creative ideas.


All inquires replied via IM!! thanks for the overwhelming level of interest everyone! staff number has already crept up to near 10! I have successfully recruited a high, senior level vehicle artist for the project last night! I have almost finished recording the audio for the first 3-5 minute clip. I completely skipped the story boarding process and started setting up the camera shots in Maya, along with the audio. I still need a high senior level character modeler, particle/FX artist and everything on my first post.

here’s the basic premise of the project:
Style: Southpark/Simpson’s humor, meshed together with Gorillaz style art and animation.
Age spectrum: Primarily, the cast consists of highschool seniors, college students and college grads, but not limited to.
Content: explicit language, partial nudity, mild violence


Sounds great,…
Great concept.


still looking for motivated people in the staff!
My concept artist is roughing out the first 2 characters as I speak and our composer is working on a score. I’ll be recording up the 2nd scene and compiling a rough in Maya, again. We’re a bit behind on modeling, from the time frame that I’ve had in mind. Sorry, no samples, yet, as I have not received any assets. hang in there gang!


Look at my cgportfolio and let me know if im up to snuff with what you’re looking for and if you’d like my help.


right on! your stuff is great! the chevelle is completely awesome! It’s the style I’m looking for in a car, in one of the scenes. please PM me your email. We have a list of simple stuff to model, to warm people up… then we’ll have more intricate stuff down the line.