3D Animated Mountain Gorilla Conservation Film


Hi Guys, check out this short film I am working on. Its focus is to raise awareness to the plight of the last remaining mountain gorillas, and the hard work done by the park rangers in protecting these endangered great apes and their forest habitats, from poachers, rebel remnants, bush meat dealers, as well as illegal charcoal traders.

See more renders here: http://www.sowl.com/2012/02/galiwango-film-reload-3d-model-update/ and some details about the film production here: http://www.galiwango.com

This is video preview of the new character fur solution:



Nice lighting and the fur looks great.


Thanks. Will be posting some more renders. I am taking it one day at a time. It’s a cause close and dear to my heart.


Well it is looking real good so far.


Here is an update to the Mountain Gorilla Character


Hey Solomon!
As mentioned before the fur looks great!!!
I think the biggest issue is that the eyes look dead, so having an eye blink or two and some eye darts should solve that problem.
You might also want to think about making the renders less blurry.

Great work!!



Thanks Yasha, I appreciate the feedback.

I have updated the page with a less blurry clip, the Youtube compression did a number on the first one. I am making progress on the other animation aspect like facial gestures etc. That clip was a test to get a feel for the new environment and fur results.



I am working on this new rig for the facial animation of the Mountain Gorilla Characters. Here is a quick render. Will post the screen when the rig is done in 3DS Max

See more updateshere: http://www.sowl.com/2012/02/galiwango-film-reload-3d-model-update/

Here are some renders of the jungle setting created in 3DS Max with Vue xstream, I am still working on the entire road through which the camera travels as it tracks the poacher and militia convoy:


Galiwango Film ~ 3D Jungle Environment, created with Vue xStream ~ This particular shot is part of a scene depicting the degradation of the Jungle habitat from a Prestine and beautiful habitat to one polluted by ash from illegal charcoal burning kilns … Check out the Galiwango film production diary here: http://www.sowl.com/2012/02/galiwango-film-reload-3d-model-update/ ~ Galiwango Film Website: www.galiwango.com


Character Sketch: Galiwango Film Ranger Character called Sgt. Muteesa


Hi guys, check out this cool news!! Faceware and ImageMetrics have come on board to support my film with the Facial animation of the poacher, ranger and mountain gorilla characters, I am so excited to be working with them on this conservation effort. Thanks Peter and Team!!

Check out the details here: http://www.sowl.com/2012/07/galiwango-film-partner-faceware-technologies-inc-powered-by-imagemetrics/


That is awesome! Congratulations!


Thanks :slight_smile: working on making this project awesome.


check out his raw footage of the mountain gorilla character mocap session for the Galiwango film ~ this was taken at the Mixamo Inc studios in San Francisco ~ check out more about my trip there here: http://www.sowl.com/2010/10/gorilla-motion-capture-at-mixamo-studios/


another quick update.

VIDEO ~ Behind the scenes of the Making of the Galiwango film Sound track and audio score ~ Thanks to Alan Kisaka, based in Los Angeles, CA ~ your talent is greatly appreciated and thanks for joining me in this effort to raise awareness to the plight of the last remaining mountain gorillas, and the sacrifices of the Rangers in the range states, who are working hard to protect these endangered great apes and their forest habitats.

Video link: http://www.sowl.com/2012/02/galiwango-film-reload-3d-model-update/


Hi Friends,

Check out the New Galiwango Film Website here: http://www.galiwango.com/

as you all know, a film without an audience is nothing but an empty sounding gong, so as I get closer to the release of the Galiwango short film at the Amakula film festival, Nove 22-24th, I need you to help me spread the word.

Kindly help me get to at least 6000 Likes and more: Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Galiwango.A.Mountain.Gorilla.Film

~ Thanks 2U all


Galiwango Film Production Update ~ I have spent the day working on refining the Facial Motion Capture Rigs and Data for the Gorilla Characters. Thanks to the Faceware Technologies and ImageMetrics team for their support and technical advice.

Check out the full update:http://www.galiwango.com/?p=1408


Hi Guys, check out the progress on the new characters introduced in my film: Check out more renders at this link: http://www.galiwango.com/2012/10/14/galiwango-film-update-4-new-3d-character-profiles/


I am heading into a Virtual Motion Capture Session at the Mixamo Inc Studios based in San Francisco. Today we will be doing new takes of the Female Reporter, the New Poacher and Ranger Characters, and the updated Mountain Gorilla Rigs. This is pretty exciting ~ Thanks to Mixamo!!! ~ Watch this link for updates: http://www.galiwango.com/2012/10/31/galiwango-film-mixamo-new-motioncapture/


Tons of work going into this mate am loving it. fur renders are good. look fwd to seeing a new test with face rig too! Character sketches and cg characters are really nice as well!

Looking fwd to seeing more… tho my opinion on poachers is just set up a group who poach poachers … hmm film idea in there somewhere heh

great to see someone working on a topic close to their heart too