390 Soldier


A project I started a while ago. EDIT got texture size wrong below replaced image

as a unit


There are no lights in the renders above. Thought I ought to mention cos I was advised to not use GI on my portfolio thread. The models actually look better without the GI - Will update my website again soon.


Very nice! I would recommend playing with the levels and sharpness of the textures; they are pretty dark, especially the fabrics, and a little bit fuzzy. On low detail textures like this it can really work in your favor to have the texture itself be as sharp as you can manage; the linear texture filtering will blur and soften the lines for you!

Nice job!


Good job man, it really looks great for 390 polys…great work!


That looks -awesome-.

That said, I’d lighten up the black hat… Black textures don’t usually look good in a game.


man i totaly wanna see those guys ingame… and i just wanna watch em scatter as a cannon ball comes flying over there heads … or worse at there feet : O

lookin good dude !.. i like the way you posted em in a set rather then just one by itself… kuz they really have to be viewed as a group … thats what i would concider the “character”

oh the numpties


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