360 Degree VR video in Maya 2014??


Hi Everyone,

I was wondering what the process is for animating and rendering 360 Degree videos (virtual reality) in maya?
I am pretty new to the 360 concept so if anyone can shed some light would be of great help.

Thanks a ton in advance


Whoa!! Still no replies??
Is this a wrong question to ask? Have I posted it in the wrong forum? or is this an unexplored territory?


Some directions:



what do you mean by 360 degrees video? a 360 quicktime that you can look around from one single point? or a 3d world where you can turn walk through?
if so for a 360 degrees quicktime from a single point where you can only do nodal pans you only render one image with a spherical camera if you want a real virtual world then that cannot be a video but rather a render for a specific engine supported by your virtual world app. be a bit more specific about what you want to achieve in the end


There is actually a dedicated Maya forum here: CGSociety Maya Forum.
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Please don’t post discipline/technique/software specific questions in GD. GD is for things related to CG that clearly don’t fit any of those specific sections we have to cover those categories.
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The Domemaster 3D lens shader for Mental Ray will render 360 video. Chuck that video onto a sphere with your VR camera in the center



Thank you “square-zero-one” and “apoc519” :keenly:

This is exactly what I was looking for.
Also as it seems it is still an unexplored territory and will have to do most of my experimentation on my own. Will be fun.
Will be like learning to fly again

Thank you others for replying the post and moving it to the right forum :slight_smile:

This is the reason I am interested in VR

Imagine watching this with a VR headset


If you are working with Arnold, you can use the camera developped by Pedro.

It works quite well ! Rendering a 2K square image per eye is enought for a full 360° with the Oculus DK2 since the resolution is quite limited. If you intend to play it on Samsung Gear VR or other HMD, better go with 3K or 4K square per eye


Hiya Waltz,

I’m doing a masters in VR and exporting Maya into 360 video.

Just checking if you have found anything new since this post.