32bit Tif won't load


My 32bit tif generated from Zbrush won’t load in Maya 2013. I have the tiffFloatReader.mll plugin loaded but I continue to get the following error.

TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, foo: Bogus “StripByteCounts” field, ignoring and calculating from imagelength.
foo: Sorry, can not handle images with 32-bit samples.

Anyone know how to use 32 bit tif displacements in Maya?



it might just be rich TIFF info that is irrelevant to actual pixel data. Did you try rendering? If you’re using compression, don’t use ZIP compression, use LZW and see if that works.


16bit output works


Thanks for the replies.

cgbeige, I can’t try rendering it because maya doesn’t actually load the file into the node. I’ll try exporting from Photoshop and playing around with the compression settings to see what I get. I’ve read previously though not to use LZW as mental ray doesn’t like it either.

refract, I’ve used 16 bit plenty in the past however really wanted to try 32bit because they are supposed to contain more information and give a much better result.

I was using a vector displacement map which was giving really good results but the problem is that vector displacement at the moment doesn’t support animating deforming characters (at least to my knowledge). Even though Zbrush has a setting for tangent space vector displacement, I can’t seem to get them to render in maya at all.

Does anyone have experience with VD maps?

Thanks again!


Vector displacement apparently isn’t figured out yet for Vray or MentalRay,… I just use what works, which is the default 16bit tifs.
I’d really like to use 32bit vectors too.


VDM doesn’t work in vray, but vrays displacement is very good.
VDM for Mental ray works in Maya 2013.


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