32bit disp map missing details. Any ideas?


Hello, I usually have good results from mudbox, but today I seem to be getting these flat areas where there is still much detail missing.

I am using “subdivision” as it is usually more consistent with its export results for me than ray casting. I don’t smooth the hi res mesh but I do smooth the lowest res mesh. But I tried both and got the same results.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:


are you using mud2017.?
there was a bug whre mudbox wont change the bake settings…
so its possible that the baker is still in raycast mode…

try to dele the mud settings folder in myDocuments…


I am using 2016. It seems you are right. No matter if I change to raycasting or subdivision there is no change in the UI flag to let me tweak options like in previous releases.

I am running CentOS. I assume you mean the HOME/myname/mudbox folders?

I did delete the folder. It did allow me to change the menu but the result is the same… After one extract the menu locks up again.

Probably the only way to solve is mudbox 2015 or 2017. I am trying 16 bit tiffs just to see if I can do it old school with -0.5 alpha offset.


Yeah the 16 bit tiff works.Its not as nice as a working 32bit float or even 16 float but at least I am getting all the details in there. Guess it is upgrade time.