32 Bit OpenEXR questions


Hey everyone
Trying to see if somebody can help me out with this. Im new to nuke and im trying to get into composting exr files I rendered out form vray. I am using the exr linear workflow settings in max and vray.
I save my exr file out as a 32 bit and when I open it up in nuke it comes in pure white blown out. I save out the same file as a 16 bit exr and it comes in, as how I saw it rendered in the vray frame buffer. Am I doing something wrong? is there something I have to enable in nuke when bringing in 32 bit files… In image properties I tried switching between linear(default) and linear, also several others and nothing seems to change.
I cant find anything on this. I have been noticing that everything I’ve seen being saved out by people has been 16 bit half float… rgb channels can also be saved in 32 bit format right? Id really appreciate if anybody could help me out on this… its driving me insane haha


I figured it out. I had to put an exposure node to the exr and lower the rgb value. I completely got rid of that step though by just saving out the exr through the vrimg in the framebuffer, and it comes out how with proper exposure


In nuke, on the read node you could try changing the colorspace setting, by default nuke will read float files ( usually exrs ) and apply a linear correction again on the viewer.