3080TI vs 1070Ti for Maya gpu rendering


Hi guys,

So i’m not a gamer not really being upto scratch with the area but have some expirience with dual 780tis back when gpu rendering became a thing. in maya… I was so impressed with it vs cpu rendering in maya using vray that I bought another and saw the results improve. Finally i was able to see my work in near realtime albeit very small scenes back in 2015… In 2020 i upgraded to a 1070Ti and wasn’t too impressed with its gpu render speed with its specs being lower than the 780ti setup.

Speed up to 2021 and the 3080ti drops… seeing the hype and some of the “vague” gpu render reviews on youtube i decideed i would spend the money on 3080ti to test it first to see if it was worth it to keep it in this scalpers climate.

Well i’ve just built my first scene using maya and vray and the bump up in navigation was obvious from the 1070ti and a great help BUT now comes to rendering the 1200 frame animation. of which i was hoping where spending this much on a graphics card would help with AND drumroll… 3080ti and 1070ti are virtually rendering at the same speed… A test segment of scenes took the same amount of time to render on both cards. I even did hybrid rendering with cpu + 1070ti+3080ti… and it didn’t come out quicker…( I did monitor if these parts where being used in the render in task manager etc.)

So I am baffeld people, how can this be…? the 3080ti was super expensive but here I am seeing it’s only better in the navigation aspects of maya?

Can someone help explain to me why this is? I am really trying to build a system where I can render without the use of a massive render farm offline or online.

thanks so much!

PC specs-
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600X ( 6 core)
48Gb 3200 ram