300 The reviews are pouring in!


A handsome film, with many visually arresting images, “300” benefits from the gifted crew behind the camera: director of photography Larry Fong, production designer James Bissell, editor William Hoy, costume designer Michael Wilkinson, visual effects supervisor Chris Watts, and composer Tyler Bates.

“300” may not provide much food for thought, but it’s feast for the eyes.

Emanuel Levy (link)

Obviously, the true stars here are the armies of technicians, designers, fight choreographers and cinematographer Larry Fong, who collaborate on this stylized vision of the ancient world. Then add Tyler Bates’ robust, haunting and soulful music.

What isn’t clear after two Frank Miller graphic novel movies is where this technique is leading. So far it has served only exaggerated blood, guts and sex. “300” suggests that it might create worlds of myth and fantasy not necessarily ruled by mayhem. If not, though, it’s going to get old, even ancient, very fast.

Kirk Honeycutt (link)
The Hollywood Reporter

The Spartans fight to the last manly man in “300,” a blustery, bombastic, visually arresting account of the Battle of Thermopylae as channeled through the rabid imagination of graphic novelist Frank Miller. Rendered by director Zack Snyder in a manner very similar to last year’s Miller adaptation “Sin City,” except in full color, this is a steroid-fueled fever dream about self-realization through extreme violence. In the larger picture, the cartoonish history lesson inescapably describes a monumental East vs. West conflagration, which might be greeted with muted enthusiasm in the Middle East. Action addicts in general and carnivorous fanboys in particular will chow down on this bloody feast.


Zack Snyder creates a masterpiece with this fantastic adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel.

Todd Gilchrist (link)


has this film been released?


Nope. Roberto… how cruel…


lol, I wanna see this so bad, it looks awesome!

Although I think making it in all CG backdrops had to be more of a butt pain then it is worth… But whatever…


AFAIK, Just to the film critics to write up their pre-release reviews.

The rest of us get to wait until March 9
at least that’s what the trailers are listing as the release date. I’m looking forward to seeing it, and that’s without reading any of the linked reviews


Can’t wait to see this one :slight_smile:


Sounds like everything I could ever hope for. The worst thing you could do to a Miller story is change it. His writing is bold and direct and sorely lacking in Hollywood.

In related news, word of a Ronin film is going around. Now all we need is The Dark Knight Returns.



[/b][size=2]Bring it ON! :thumbsup: I will be watching it twice on the big screen and then I will obvioulsy buy the DVD. I have watched the trailer frame by frame so many times that the waiting game is killing me!



"The Spartans fight to the last manly man in “300,” a blustery, bombastic, visually arresting account of the Battle of Thermopylae as channeled through the rabid imagination of graphic novelist Frank Miller. "


One always hopes when a graphic novel is adapted from the page to the screen that it’s done by someone who understands and appreciates the original source material. That’s certainly the case with Zack Snyder, who understands the appeal of Frank Miller’s words and visuals as well as Robert Rodriguez did when he co-directed “Sin City.” While the finite story of “300” might not be as strong an original work as Miller’s “Sin City,” it has the benefits of being a historic war epic, a genre that’s thrived in cinema from “Ben Hur” to “Gladiator” and “Troy.” Filtered through Frank Miller’s warped imagination, it becomes a very different beast, though non-comic reading movie lovers might not find it nearly as foreign as “Sin City,” “Hellboy” or other graphic novel adaptations.
Edward Douglas, comingsoon.net




Looking incredible, can’t wait to watch it :smiley:


That depends on whose pain in the butt it really is, the director or the visual effects artist? =) In all seriousness, there just wasn’t a place befitting of a backdrop for this movie to take place, meaning real sets would be extravagant and expensive to construct. Thus digital environments and set extensions were the answer.


Spartans PUSH!:thumbsup: The fight clip got buried in that other thread. So check it out.


The March 12th issue of Time magazine has a short article about the movie. Talks a bit about the making of, nice pictures.


How did you manage to see the clip? Won’t play outside the US.


worked for me…

That film is looks as cool as a cat left in the fridge !


Not fair! I’m going into sulk mode, I just get a ‘Copyright restricts us from showing outside the U.S.’ message


Worked without problem for me and I am not in USA. Try a proxy server. Maybe it’s blessing in disguise for you as I can’t stop watching it. I even have the audio from the trailer on my ipod :smiley:


Why dont you guys use this thread to organize some viewing
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This is the sort of film that would be a great excuse
to meet fellow CGSociety members, and make some cool contacts.

Just post on the thread.


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Get them fast. I’m in San Francisco, and the imax is selling out very quickly.