300 - The inside Joke


Hey all,

I really wanted to share the inside joke I had to do at work (Gravity Post production) after working on a penguins commercial for a new product…

The story of the commercial was about this cute penguin (designed by Greg Rock) that is a big show off and wants to demonstrate his breakdance abilities, at one point he strated drilling himself down the ice and the hole he created combined with me watching the trailer for 300 (I did it a long time ago…) made me do this, well, you know how frustrating it gets to work on dance animation, right? so I wanted to show my “anger” in some way.

(Right click and save as…)

After so many e-mails requesting me to post the commercial that lead me to do this small 300 joke teaser (I know, too short…) Attached is the link to the commercial -

(Right click and save as…)

Now, who worked on it? well,

[color=yellow]Gravity Post production - [/color]

[color=yellow]Director - Ilan Buni[/color]
[color=yellow]Head of 3D department (Touched everything involved) - Yoav Savaryego[/color]
[color=yellow]Design - Greg Rock (rocky77), Israel Breslav (Srulik24)[/color]
[color=yellow]Modeling - [/color]zarif krasnov, Ben Pank, lavie sharon
Rigging/FX - zarif krasnov
Animation - Volodia, Elad itzhaky, Ran Sieradzki (Ranimate :smiley: )
Lighting/Rendering - lavie sharon, Ben Pank, Avi Ben Abraham (ABA3D)




I like it a lot, very cute
hope more to come …


This is better than the movie!


Hey Ranimate,

this is great blasphemy! Wonderfull! :slight_smile:
Thank You for sharing.



LOL, Never had a chance to watch 300. :slight_smile: Looks good though.



nice work man, even though i saw this before. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beautiful and very funny


I think you should do a remake of 300 with an entire cast of penguins, I can totally see it, it’d be the coolest thing ever!



Excellent!! I want more!! :d


Loool! Got a kick out of it for sure…would have been nicer if it was longer than like 2.3443 seconds though :wink:


:smiley: funny!! just TOO short! i think you should show us MORE! :wink:


That’s awesome… you should totally make more spoofs with these penguins! They look adorable…


cool m8! showed it to Irena- she LOveD it sOO much! you are something else!!


That’s absolutely my thing! I want to see more…
All the best,


more… i want moreeee


Hey this is cool. nice work…spaaaaaaarrrtaaaaaaaa


hehehe yes it’s fun i can’t stop imagine the guy from 300 with the pinguin voice :slight_smile:

and i think the kick is with the other leg :wink:


One of the best things ive seen in a long time, so funney.
Im a guest at this forum, been one for a long time but after seeing this piece, I had to register and thank you for making me laugh.

people should watch this! (FRONT PAGE material for sure)

Make more stuff like this, awesome work.


i’m loving it :slight_smile:


hahahaha great and lol :bounce: