30 sec animated commercial 'no Rubba, no Hubba Hubba'


Hey guys,

We just finished this 30 second spot for sexual education in New Zealand. The characters are 2D (except for the live action ones). The environments are all 3D.

small version (1.5 meg quicktime):


larger version (5 megs quicktime):


some highres images:






We rendered out the environments to RPF format, which transferred over the camera data to combustion, so we could position the 2D characters in the 3D space. We then used combustion to shade the characters, & create the rimlighting. Let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


Very very nice stuff.

No crits as its finnished I guess.

I did like the blend of 2D character effect and 3D backgrounnds tho.

Well done.


I find that you did a very good job mixing those two techniques. The camera movement also gave it a very nice style to it


nice work there…cool composition :slight_smile:


Nice work indeed, I liked the glow to the lighting.
It would have been better fully animated, the live footage of the coiuple let it down a little bit, they looked kinda dorky.


I really like the style you have going for this piece. The different elements are blended quite nicely, and the live action couple bring the message into the “real world”.



Reminded me of 8 Mile.

What program?


I like it too, blends very well, seems just like a professional comercial, and the message is kinda funny too :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers for the comments guys,

We used Max, Combustion & Animo, to produce the spot. The live action couple was specified from the agency that set up the gig (we shot a straight version & a gay version) - they did a lot of focus groups with young teens to see what they were into, its a really hard target audience to hit right, they are uber critical about what is ‘cool’ - I’m still not sure whether we got it right or not, theres been a somewhat mixed response! :slight_smile: However, technically we’re all very proud of it! :bounce:


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