3 Samurai On Horseback, Www.artofbob.com (2D)


Title: 3 Samurai On Horseback
Name: Www.artofbob.com
Country: Toronto, Canada

Here’s a sample from my book “Guy Sketches.” 7”x10” 72 pages of paintings, sketches, tutorials and tips, guest artists and much more!

Drawings and paintings of all sorts of different guys in all sorts of different styles: mafia bosses, criminals, hip hoppers, nerds, fat guys, skinny guys, samurais, cowboys… etc. Please visit my site http://www.imaginismstudios.com for more samples from my books.

Title: 3 Samurai on horseback
Done with black pen on sketchbook paper.


I love the designs, are really good and expressive (the faces and the style are brilliant).Very good work! :thumbsup:


Yeah i love the way the skinny guy gets the fat horse and so on =). Oh and i have to say that the fat guy reminds me of one of the samurais in The Last Samurai.


bobert ur pictures are always funny. the guy on the right doesnt look too happy (i wont say why i think so because it seems pretty apparent to me).

great job! im lovin it


Hey thanks everyone for all your encouraging words.

olijosman - I’ve always admired your work. Thank you so much for your compliment! It’s very appreciated

Abbegon - Thanks! hehehe… you got it. Inspired by the Last Samurai.

Big_E.D. - Thank you. I’m so glad you find it funny as that was my intention.


so funny!! i like the fat horse!!


Good job man!!!:thumbsup:
Theses drawings are just crazy…keep posting ur stuff bro, im sure it does really inspire a lot of pples, including myself… Completing a drawing like that only uding ink is just insane…

I really the samurai on the extreme left…hes awesom!!!

keep it up


Again a great piece! :thumbsup:
Since I havent seen “Last Samurai”. Im wondering wich one is “The good”, “the bad” and “the ugly”? :wink:


kessen.storm - :slight_smile: thanks

dominic_devinci - thanks Dom! appreciated

Gena - Thank you

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments! They are appreciated.


You have awesome drawings! I always look forward to your posts! :slight_smile:


Low color + very high detail = 3.5 out of 5.:thumbsup:


i wont talk about art this time
it was really Funny , i couldnt stop laughing , u made it

just one comment … what if u can have an outlined background , it would add richness to ur work … just a fading background to estabish the atmosphere

Good JOb


Wow, that s an incredibly strong composition of the characters, i mean, they are so well structurated… and like… stuked togheather in such a great way, so solid and dynamic at the same time
:applause: and of course, they are sooo funny!



tevih - thanks! I’m glad you like em

dacolt32 - lol… “low color” huh? thanks for the comment. Ur funny

Keem - Thanks for the great c&c. I’ll definitely put in a background once i paint it


ITS VERY special!


nice characters. just love them. the skinny one is my favorit.


Hey thanks io,

I appreciate your comment!:smiley:


awesome bob, lookin great. post more dude, lets see it all



In the wise words or Peter Griffen

“Thats freak’n sweet!”


I love the style!