3 GTX 1070 – or – 1 GTX 1070 with a 1080ti for GPU rendering (octane)


So I have $1000 to spend. I currently have a GTX 1070 in my rig. I want to add more cards for faster GPU rendering with Octane.

Out of these two options, which one will be faster, better, stronger they both add up to $1000-ish:

Option A : Buy two additional 1070 cards and have three 1070s rendering.

Option B : Buy one 1080ti and pair it with my current 1070 to do the work.




I’ve searched this database https://render.otoy.com/octanebench/results.php?v=3.06.2&sort_by=avg&filter=1070&singleGPU=0
On average 1x 1070 + 1x 1080Ti give a score of 308
while 3x 1070 give 348/
So, in Octane Render 3x1070 should be slightly faster than 1x1070 with 1x1080 Ti. The advantage of the 1080Ti of course is the larger Vram (11gb vs 8gb) which will allow you to render larger scenes but with the 1080Ti alone, if your Vram demands are higher than 8gb.
In your place, if the 8gb of Vram are enough for your renderis, I would consider buying 2 additional 1070Ti, which would give even faster renders and the cost is equivalent.