3 Day Cinematic Challenge! SAND, Kjetil Molteberg - Sci-Fi Blizzard/Blur stuff


Great job Molte. I really liked the atmosphere in this one.


Thanks, you two!

I’m happy with some of it and not so happy with most of it.

I guess I should go back a little bit and make a list of the solutions I did that I worked,
and make a list of the solutions that didn’t work so good.

Generally though, I feel that the access to a renderfarm and a good computer is critical to the result. I had some problems with vray on my computers, so I had to upload the scenes, via remote, to my work computer and render it there. Then head over with a physical HD to grab the frames through usb3.

I know for sure it could have been done a lot better, skillset aside, with some optimizing of the workflow.


Great work,
I promise to spotlight it when the results are announced…

And BTW don’t forget to vote…
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A small update,

I captured the whole weekend, and just got around to edit 35 000 frames or so.

Might not be the most exciting 7 minute of video one would like to see,
but I guess its kind of relevant for me on a personal level as an analytic tool.



You know… this is going to our facebook page right?




Cool :arteest: