3 Day Cinematic Challenge! SAND, Kjetil Molteberg - Sci-Fi Blizzard/Blur stuff


I’m entering the 3 Day make a cinematic sprint.

PROP: A Red Crystal
PHRASE: (If you have Dialogue, from a Robert Frost poem):
“Have you ever counted the grains of sand,
That swiftly flows through the hour glass stand?”

I’m not quite sure what to make yet, but I have an idea which I can build upon.

My animation skills are absolutely horrible!
So I want to stay as far far away from complex animations as possible!

Anyway my time schedule for the weekend looks like this:

Friday: Storyboarding, Idea, Concept, Shotlist, planning, character basic model, getting establishing shot on render, setting up a sketch for music and sfx, Sleep.
Saturday: Setting up animations an camera for all shots, shading and lighting, do a keyshot in comp, sleep a little less.
Sunday: Do a re-edit. Finish shading and light, finalize music and sfx, do motion graphics, matte painting, rendering.
Monday: Fix fucked up stuff, export, upload.

Weapons of choise;
…and probably a bunch more that goes without saying.

I’ll also try to do a timelaps of the whole thing as I go…


storyboard v001 done!



Goddamn, this is not looking good, I’m way way over my head here!
This is awsome, I’m gonna fail so hard at this. :arteest:

next up is concept and making a draft for music/sound


Cool concept! No, you’re not gonna fail. I would identify the most importent shots to tell your story and make them first. Then filling in the rest. If something goes horribly wrong, you can just cut a trailer out of the completed material, that’s what I’m doing.

Good luck and much fun! :thumbsup:


Good point!

I’m having a break, and eating food… feels like I’m wasting valuable time.

Also, a really horrible concept,
if this hadn’t been what it is, this would never had seen the light of day.


Updated storyboard with some music stuff



Very interesting use of sand and time. Very curious to see how it comes together. You seem to have quite some character animation there. You got any plan for that?

Oh and have you started render already? It’s time mate :smiley:

Nice concept. Good luck :beer:


So, my current calculations is that I need 78 hours to render this crap…

And I still haven’t opened 3dsmax.


My plan for animation is called mixamo, following in the footsteps of my predecessors.
Though I have never used it before, so that will be interesting.


My screens are not calibrated :banghead: I just installed them last week.

Shot 050 background


sh040 rendering…


Looking great, man! Really nice desert and colors. :applause:


Love that shot with the crystals!

Mixamo is excellent. If you need any help, just shout!


I hate this model!
…but I think I’m done with it for now

also hourglass…


Haha I know that feeling, but your character looks cool and will look even better when integrated in your scenes… remember we’re doing 3 day cinematics here. :smiley: Really like the style and very nice post pro. Are you rendering the glare effects in V-ray or in post?


purely post for effect, i.e. nuke.
Rendering as exr in layers so I assemble the lighting reflection spec etc etc.

Are you going to update soon?!!
I feel like your going to dump some a massive (and horrible) update on me sometime soon.

edit: Oh, I forgot to mention, the base model (body) is the lilith model from Daz3d.
I’m going to retexture her though (when I’m comming to that shot).


Character worked good with mixamo, very easy to use, love it.

Next up is the monster character, want to make some sort of zerg like creature.
After that, its setting up scenes, making sure something is rendering at any time.
Putting together an animatic and starting on sfx.

also… haven’t made many guns in my 3d career, I think this might be the second one,


Damn, I hate renderwatching,

made a new animatic, omited like half the shots, now the music don’t fit anymore so I have to edit that a little.
Also, sfx is on the todo list, but render is first pri.



When you are ready post here:


Aaaaaahh, stressing to get this done,
Last shot is still rendering…but everything else is out.

In the meantime, to show that I’m not dead … yet.



Will add some breakdowns and descriptions tomorrow after work.
I also captured the whole 3 days as a timelaps, so I could see if there is something to be done with that as well.


Niiiiiiceeee !! You pulled off lots of shots. And I really like that despite the short duration you have a story going on there. Great work & sleep well :beer: