3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Ishan Shukla, Individual Entry


:eek: :eek: :eek:

like I said absolutely horrible … …


Exactly the kind of motivation I need along with the red bull :smiley:



Man, if you don’t finish this, I’ll hunt you down.


That looks completely awesome.
Sometimes its nice to do something like this just to get it out of your system. I always have things I want to test out, but I cant because of time…this is like super intense training, and I ALWAYS find out new ways of doing things that I can apply to my ‘real’ work.


Right now there are pretty good chances of you hunting me down next week.

I totally agree. I can see this challenge changing the way I work in future. This challenge was a bloody good idea.


So here is final animatics. I find it highly unlikely to get it all rendered by Monday.


I have found an incredibly talented VO guy for this. The only catch is he doesn’t work on weekends. So I cant put the VO yet :hmm: But stay tuned its gonna be awesome.


I almost died but I’m done. The edit is looking good. I am just waiting for my VO actor to send over the audio. If he doesn’t send in next few hours I will upload.


Different time zones are testing my patience. I will upload a soon as I get the VO. It is really crucial for the whole feel.


Looking forward to it mate.
Screens looks beautiful.

I also agreed that you should wait for the VO, if you feel it’s crucial.


Uploading…!!! Phewww…Give me few mins
The VO actor has killed it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m waiting… taps finger

No seriously, really looking forward to this, but would rather see it with VO, than without.
Besides I know how dreadful the last uploading/exporting copy pasting bit is, that’s the worst part of production.


Phew. Here is the Skyrim DLC we’ve all been waiting for


Completely bad ass. I love the lighting!


That’s impressive man


Man, you should show this to some producer and get some millions for a full length movie.
I would gladly spend money on a ticket, and a DVD/BlueRay copy.


There are a thousand things that I want to change…but heck what’s done is done.


Pyke, Molte
Thanks a lot!!

I am so glad you like it so much. I am almost crying with headache and dizziness, but this ride was memorable. :hmm: Enjoyed the time I had with you guys here. Sleep time…


Very funny little story, man! Lighting looks VERY good. And as I said before, very well staged and directed. Can’t wait for Schirkoa!


Thanks man!!
Yup back to Schirkoa now :slight_smile:


2K resolution
Nothing fancy, just reproduced whatever I had done in those 3 days in higher resolution.