3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Ishan Shukla, Individual Entry


Thanks to this thread, I am officially going to screw my weekend .

Although duration is small, I want to make it as cohesive as possible in terms of story. Doodling on paper right now :arteest:


Skyrim/warcraft style character.
Old, retired.
Current world setting.
Icy Mountains.
Old lost bar in the mountains.
Character having a drink at the bar
But the evil can’t leave you, even if you are retired

The dialogues “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice” can come in the VO when he/she is crossing the icy mountains.

Still thinking. Wasted last night in trying to create the whole scene quick and dirty nothing came out :sad:


Ok, these are my resources so far :

Character rigs/ Animation : Mixamo
Models : got to figure out

Software: Maya 2014, Photoshop CC
Rendering Engine: Redshift


For your characters - take a look at DAZ. They have some exceptional models, and you will easily be able to create something awesome for your scene!


Just checked, they actually have some real good ones. But how do you plan to animate those? Mixamo mocap usually isn’t perfect with medium/hi-res models.


Not sure if I’ve ever seen anything production ready from redshift,
I’m immensely looking forward to seeing renders.


I plan on using a ton of cloth simulation to cover up the slightly manky rigs. :smiley:


So here is my idea.

The cinematic is a trailer for a DLC for Skyrim. A retired orc (you will know why he is retired) takes shelter at a lost bar in icy mountains of Winterhold. He has something in his knee. And he hates people who poke fun at that thing in his knee.

“Revenge of the knee”
Releasing August 25

Here is the bar scene. Working on the establishing shots of icy mountains right now.


Characters+Mocap from Mixamo. Environment from Daz.


That. Is. AMAZING.


Are you doing your motion blur in camera or in post? Its really nice! Adds a ton of depth to the movement.


Hey thanks! Motion blur is direct from Maya’s viewport 2.0


I just love it already,

but! … … nah…, can’t find anything negative to say … yet…


… yet…

There you go :sad:


Lighting WIP . .


Great progress so far, I would only remove (or reduce) camera shake in the first few shots (second especially) , because I feel it is a little bit distracting.

You and Pyke already left me miles behind, but I’ll try my best.


I really like the soft lighting. What resolution are you aiming for?


Really well staged scene! Lighting in the rendered shot is perfect. You guys are setting the bar VERY high for sprint 2. :applause:

By the way I watched your short Kalki and I liked it a lot!


Thanks! I agree. I would have tried to change the camera movements if I had time. I am rendering these shots right now. Thanks for the crit though.

Thanks! I am rendering at 800x335.

Thanks! Yup Kalki was a result of another fun challenge.

By the way I have to admit, I am sleep deprived, tired and burnt right now. I may not even be able to finish on time, but I am having a blast right now. This challenge has certainly changed the way I look at quick and dirty projects.


No no no, don’t give them any ideas! It looks absolutely horrible, and will be very easy to beat for sprint 2!

Now, I’m gonna go back to watching collins bear for some proper ref


More screenshots

Icy mountains establishing shot:

Retouched bar: