3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Chris Bischoff - DIGIC on a shoestring budget!


Oh yeah - there are some serious weight issues. That sequence did bother me, but time moved against me! I suppose I could have fixed it in post…

If you have any specific questions, just ask. :wink:


Yeah, no pressure…
It’s not like I have to do much to surpass that next weekend…


That’s a lot of work! Very impressive work mate. Congrats!!


Thanks man!


That is very, very impressive!! Loving it! When the good guy transform in the futuristic Soldier and simply shoots the Zombie down, I said “Abgefahren” out loud (German word for ace or wicked).
Detailed environments, action sequences, cloth, animated crowds, rigid body simulations, 3 days = :surprised


Thanks man!


Very nicely done, I enjoyed it!

How much animation was keyed and how much was from mocap databases if you don’t mind me asking?


Well, I really like for the first challenge how you did woods. While watching making of, I saw you used some splines, and helix type of spline, and projected wood texture on that, but then again, I think you didn’t projected the whole image, just a trees.
I am very interested in a way how you do that, how you combine all those projected stuff, what is your vray render settings, and compositing settings.

Sorry for this much question, if you’re too busy, don’t answer, but I won’t stop hoping that one day, you’ll do a complete tutorial on that. :slight_smile:



Ok that is all for SPRINT I

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This is great work, please do post it in the Voting thread. I am going to promote it today,


Do you have any advice for working with mixamo and max, like converting it to biped / cat?
Or do you just catch the fbx as is? Did you apply props afterwards or were they skinned?

I have never worked with mixamo, and my animations skills are… uh… non existent…


Its all from MIXAMO, which uses a mixture of keyframing and mocap. You get really nice and clean files from them, so they are a pleasure to tweak and work with!

I prefer to use the straight FBX motions from them, because you retain all of the finger movement (BVH loses it - although I havent tried CAT). But I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve needed to use them on a BIPED, and MIXAMO’s Biped script works really well. Some issues with skinning around the wrists and fingers - but you can always repaint those weights. Its not 100% done - but its like 80% of the way there - which can be a good day or 2 of time!


Ill put together some images of how the process works on the weekend!


Is the sound fx we hear in your animation from stock or did you made them?
Thank you.


They are all from Videocopilots MOTION PULSE pack - its an EXCELLENT sound library!


Thank you.


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