3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Chris Bischoff - DIGIC on a shoestring budget!


Mocap from Mixamo with a tiny bit of blending and tweaking from my side.


ok, thank you.



24 hours in!


WOW :eek: :surprised

Only one crit: from the 0:02 second to 0:05 second, the movement is neither slow motion, neither normal speed (something in between), and because of that, it looks a little bit off to me.


Absolute amazing, Chris! :cool: Unbelievable it’s done in this short amount of time. Cool atmosphere, lighting and everything. Can’t wait to see the final Cinematic! Bravo. :drool:


Amazing !! Really nifty cut. Keep them coming mate.


Crowds? Check.
Animals? Check.
Rain? Check.
Snow? Check.

Thanks guys!

d4rk - Ill speed that clip up a touch - I see what you are saying!
Xhar - Its all a product of ‘well yeah…that wont work…’ :smiley:
red - thanks!

A little trick I’ve been using for the camera work is I just linked the target to the hip bone of the main character - you get this really cool ‘hand held’ effect with it - and it sets its own pace and temp for the scene…gentle animations are automatically met with gentle camera moves, and visa versa.


Pyke, somethings that’s bothering me appart from the youtube compression,
is the smoke plates. Possibly it would be better to export the camera to ae/nuke/fusion and put the smoke on cards, so the plates aren’t so locked on image.


Using silhouettes is a smart move! I actually thought you were joking about animals and crowd. Great going :thumbsup:

IMO the chromatic aberration is slightly overdone in that screenshot.




I never joke about crowds and animals…and I learned how to NEVER do crowds and animals!

Ill play around with the CA…

Id love to do plates and smoke in MAX - next challenge Im going to attempt learn FUME. I last used it years ago!


2 more shots to go!


Great to hear that.
I am also close… few more hours, and I should be done.


Cool! How many shots you guys got? I have 16, and 5 more to go. I may have to redo the edit in order to get away with the unfinished shots. :wink:

  1. One is crazy complex and Im trying to see if I can do it in post instead…


ok guys - Im rendering from Final Cut now - but Im gonna crash and upload it in the morning!

Its been a wild one! Cant wait to see what you came up with!


I’ve decided not to go to bed, until I am done.
So close… so far… :slight_smile:

Anyway, great you got it to edit part (I am still rendering some parts).

Can’t wait to see your work Pyke.


NIIICE man. in 3 days - :applause: i have 3 shots to go - :banghead: wish You luck!


OK guys - here it is.
Had to do some editing around, and the last shots are a little rushed…but the general idea is there and thats what counts!

The ‘ice/snow’ theme did kinda get lost along the way - but hopefully you can see that its snowing…or was snowing…there is some sort of cold snow in the scenes. :smiley:

I learned a ton - specifically in After Effects. I know that I pushed the DOF and CA too far - but this was really an experience for me in seeing how those things work, so they tended to be turned up to 11.
I also had fun with the sound - easily my favorite thing to do!



Great looking, and congrats on finishing it. Some of the shots are incredible.
What bothers me most (but it’s a just small thing) is that the main hunter should have fallen faster (with much more weight) at the beginning.

Far more complex then what I did.
I hope, soon, you will share making off.