3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Chris Bischoff - DIGIC on a shoestring budget!


OK guys - inspired by this thread:


I’m going to have an awfully full weekend!

I listed a whole lot of things that are pretty much impossible to do on a tight time budget:

Full character animation (facial and cloth simulation included)
Crowd scenes
A fight scene
and Snow…

So of course Ill be trying to add in all of these.

Following the the incredible work of DIGIC on Assassins Creed - we will be following a single man hunting ‘something’ through the snowy streets of Victorian England.

My schedule works like this:

Day 1 - ALL modeling. Characters (Including rigging), environments, props.
Day 2 - Cameras, Lighting and animation - and hopefully rendering!
Day 3 - Compositing and Editing.

Now to make matters worse I have a pretty packed Saturday…but I’m still going to be going at this whole hog!

In regards to the modeling, I really want to focus on composition and camera moves - so will be using as many premade assets as possible. I have a pretty extensive library of DAZ characters, so will be relying on those for pretty much all character modeling.

Environments will be a mixture of modeling, and integration of any older models I can find.

Textures - the one and only CGTextures.com

I do want to have some BIG establishing shots - but those will have to wait until the end of the day. I will probably do those mostly in After Effects with photos on 3D layers…I have an idea - no idea if it will work!

Ill also be recording timelapses of my working - I’m sure some people may find them useful!


Two words: Good luck!

Another two words: Great Scott! :smiley:


Oh! I know!
Why don’t you just add …

  • Overview of a city where buildings randomly explodes while the streets are getting flooded with water after several huge breaking waves

… to that list.
Just you know… to make it feature complete.


Dont tempt me… :smiley:


What, no fluid simulations?


I really wanna do one shot where the character runs over a puddle and it splashes…but I think Ill do it in post. Still…I havent broken out FUME in a while…


Maybe you can do it with Phoenix or Houdini,
I hear this is an excellent exercise to learn programs which you never use.

5 hours inn, and all words, not a single image to show for,
I’m loosing faith here man!


Alas…Im at work. Gotta pay them bills! At lunch Ill try to start something…


Bills be important! Them and girlfriends.

Here’s a narrator to keep your spirit up link


Lunch time work!


Haha, this is insane! Please do not explode in the process. :eek:

 For the puddle splash: If it's a Close Up, maybe you can film it (with a phone or DLSR) outdoors with a boot wrapped up in blue/green cloth or cleaning rag... then composite the shoe of your character in. If you're choosing an angle from the side, you can maybe get away with only a rendered still from the shoe and animate it in AE with the puppet tool and heavy motion blur. 

With your skill level this could be done in 1 - 1.5 hours or faster.
If you have the matching victorian footwear at home, then it’s only a couple of minutes. :smiley:

So maybe something like this: Character steps on rendered puddle in CG, but before reaching it -> cut to the filmed CU… splash -> next shot


Already, very impressive. :slight_smile:


Im going to be using a camera to actually get the shots I want, and then extract that data and turn it into a 3D camera. If I have a spare moment Ill try the boot idea!

Alternatively I have the full Action Essentials set - Im sure that with some 2D tracking data I can make it look pretty convincing.


Environment. Most of the models are from Daz - all cut up and pretty much jammed together!

No GI in the scene. Render time is 1:30 at 720p.


Yup, no premise at all, looks terrible!

Do you have a storyboard yet, or a plan for the edit?


I have a written story, and a selection of beats I know I need to hit.

Im creating the environment and then Im going to stage the shots inside the environment…kinda of a ‘Jackie Chan’ way of doing it - but tight deadlines force you to work with what you have!


That’s cool, I hadn’t thought about doing it that way.

I’m going to solve things in a different way myself so it will definitely be interesting to see this pan out.

Hope you post enough screengrab update painover render concept whatever on the way.


my main character (Jack) is rigged and running! Some really dodgy stuff happening with the weights on the face, so Ill have to sort that out.


Whoa your entry is coming along well!


Is it mocap?