3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Boban Krsmanovic - Hybrid


Did you have a farm? I’m impressed you were able to render that so quick.

I’ve been thinking about how I can render sss in the box, next weekend,
or if I can do something smart in that area.


This would have been the perfect place to use the wilhelm scream, or a pitched up variant.


No mate, no farm, just one intel i5.
There’s really nothing special in renders, I even didn’t use GI, just a technique I described on the previous page (for a global diffuse light and shadows I used vray ambient light, and within that light, I placed a vray dirt map (that way, the scene is equally lighted from everywhere, and have diffuse (AO) shadows), that’s kind a faking of GI, and a few lights more, both vray, both standard.
Other vray settings - by default.

As for the SSS. Well, in my humble opinion SSS is great, but often people think that can replace bad texture. I think the texture of the skin is many times “underrated”, and I would rather choose good texture with default scanline material, then bad texture and best SSS settings ever.
Just my opinion, I am not very experienced with that stuff.

I can share some scenes if you want, but without textures, because they are big, and my upload sucks.

Hope that helps a bit.

Actually, I’ll show you right now, in some simple scene:

Here it is… pretty much the same lighting, as in the scene (3ds max 2011).

Open a scene, and render.

As for the outdoor scene, it was even simpler (without volume light), and faster to render.


Great work! Loved how the whole Trailer seems pretty epic and then she simply steps and falls off the ledge. :applause:


Nice work man! Great ending too.

Was this all keyframe animation? Or did you use some mocap data for all the flipping and kung fu stuff?

Really impressive!


You made my morning funny!

About the farm, you do know Boby very well, he is THE MASTER of super fast scanline rendering!


Hey mate, I thought it was obvious I’ve used mocaps, because these are mocaps that came with 3DS Max (samples disk). :slight_smile:
Keyframed was only idle, opening eyes, and quick slide wich is then mixed to mocap “cliff falling”.

Thanks mate… but far from master… and these days I only use scanline for effects passes, I am mostly using the technique I described above.