3 Day Cinematic Challenge! ICE, Boban Krsmanovic - Hybrid


Ok… let’s try make something in 3 days.

Here’s a quick render of the character I’ll be using:

Credit for modeling and texturing of this character goes to my great friend: Predrag Krishan

Hopefully, by the end of the day, I’ll have first shot rendered.

Cheers to all :beer:


Looking forward to it!!!


Same here. I’m loving what I’m seeing right now!


Update on the first shot:
(ignore the sim on the hair)



raw render:


Music by: Andrew Gerlicher

Not really happy with the render so far, but I’ll move along to the next shot, and I’ll focus now only on animation, and camera moves for the all shots.

Let me know what you think, and every suggestion.

Thanks, and cheers. :beer: :slight_smile:


Really like the god rays. What are you’re render times at?
I had rays in mine, but they just killed the times for me! I’ve been trying to find a trick. or a way to do them in post but they generally look like crap.



Let me check:
It’s 2:16 on 1280x720, frame 70 (I am having intel i5).

Maybe it’s fast, because I am not using Vray GI (I am using vray ambient light, and within map, I’ve placed vray dirt texture, so I get some GI fake, and AO shadows).
Apart from ambient light, I am having default spotlight (for volume light) with default shadow map, 1 vray plane light on the exit, and 2 vray sphere light on the left (one for character only).

Why don’t you try to render your volume light in scanline (just make everything “matte/shadow” material (and make sure you check “apply atmosphere”, and "at object depth), and just put that pass in after on “screen”, or “add” blending mode?

I might do it also, because I am not sure, I’ll be able to render all in 720p, by the deadline.


Cool! Has a very neat Tomb Raider vibe to it.


Love the atmosphere. Great going!


Im going to have to try the god rays next challenge!


Just some info:

Finished 90% of animation, but I stuck at rendering. Snow shader that I saw from some tutorial is great, but it kills render, so I have to think something.
Either, I’ll make snow shader much simpler, render in more passes, either I’ll render in scanline… gotta think of something.


I love that you are thinking out of the box! Im also having to edit around some choices I made, and am going to do a matte painting shot with camera projection instead of my big awesome opening…but thats the point!

Looking forward to it man!


Thanks mate.
I’ve succeeded optimizing the scene, and I think, I’ll be able to finish on time (unless, some unpredicted circumstances occur).

However, what I do, is MUCH simpler then what you and Red Cigarette are doing.


You probably shouldn’t have written that.

btw, very interested in seeing an update.


Thanks mate.
I wanted to send some updates, but then again, I’ll loose some (precious) time while converting… uploading…
I expect… 5 to 10 hours from now, I’ll have everything ready… I hope I am not wrong.

HAH… true :slight_smile:


Just only this… just only that…


Finally done!

Here it is:


3D Model - Predrag Krishan
Music - Andrew Gerlicher and Jake Faun
Rock model made by this script

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:



Haha loved the ending mate. Congrats. Great job in finishing this one :slight_smile:


Thats awsome dude!
And did you render with sss? :argh:


Ha! Really like it! I love the ending. :smiley:

The render looks nice and clean. Mine looks like it was shoot by a drunk person with a broken camera… :smiley:


Thanks a lot guys. :slight_smile:

Yes, it was a vray fast SSS2. I haven’t tweaked it much because of time, and because I’ve read somewhere that the power of SSS can only be seen when rendering in gamma 2.2 (linear workflow), and I didn’t rendered that way.