3 Day Cinematic Challenge!: Ice and Fire, Mironeczek, "Scarlet hailstorm" ,ANIMATION


Hi everyone!

Scarlet hailstorm is a “working title” maybe i will change it later.
This is my WIP thread.


Concept01 -


Nice concept, we want more. :slight_smile:


update. I have done modeling - right now its time to setup the scene!

the image in background (old personal photo) - look silly but give idea what kind of mood i want to achieve.


shading update


Edit WIP - one shot to go - rendering by night:


I used Jamendo music -track from great Koke Nunez Gomez - Soul_of_Warrior!

making a film in 3 days is tough!


Oh it sure is! Nice work mate. Really liking your concept. Check out the WIP animation forums to see other entries too


:wink: WIP animation forum… I didn’t know that i should put my thread there!


One that rendered out!



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FXWARS Challenge: 41 - 3 Day Cinematic Challenge! SPRINT-1 “ICE”
NAME: Miron Blocki (mironeczek)

WIP THREAD http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=139&t=1212962
DESCRIPTION: Scarlet Hailstorm - an freezetime animation cinematic - made in 3 days from Saturday morning till Monday end! Models are made from scratch as well as animation, scene setup, lightning and rendering. Music by Koke Nunez Gomez - Soul_of_Warrior was downloaded from Jamendo (great Thank You - Koke Nunez Gomez by the way!).
Thank You for reading this!





Despite having completely overlooked this thread, I thought the end result came out very well, very cool man.


Completely bad ass! I love it!


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