3-D Character Animation Career - CANADA?


To the point: Are there jobs in Canada for 3-D Character Animation? (Ontario, Canada).

I’m hoping someone can help me sort out my thoughts and concerns… I’m currently in a creative/advertising career path, but I want to change gears and dive into 3-D Animation. Specifically 3-D Character animation, I’ve downloaded Maya and read every page of both textbooks, and entered the 11 Second Club competition once and placed 42nd with zero class-time which I think is pretty motivating that I’m not completely hopeless. Although extremely fun, loved every moment, at 29 years old I really need to either recognize if this is a passionate hobby of mine, or could it be a career? If its a hobby, great. End of story… but what if I went for it and dedicated the next stage of my life to learning 3-D Character animation, I’d take the full Animation Mentor course, and just soak up and learn everything I could. I don’t mind dedicating the next 2-3-4-5 years to learning… its just what if its all for nothing?

That brings me to my burning question… JOBS?!? I live in Canada. Ontario, Canada to be exact and a quick job-search lead to a pretty big reality check, there isn’t much 3-D Animation jobs out there where I live (or at least I didn’t see any). I really don’t see myself uprooting everything and trying to work for Pixar in USA, so you can say I feel pretty deflated…I’m hoping someone in Canada, specifically Ontario could shed some light on what is realistically possible??

Thanks all. Happy Friday.


I just did a google search of animator jobs and there are plenty in Toronto:https://tinyurl.com/ybf4wul2

You may not realize this but Ontario is one of the few places in the world that actually DOES have a robust animation industry. Animators from all over the world move to where you are to find work. The Canadian government offers massive tax incentives (50% or more) for VFX, animation, and game studios to stay open there. The search above showed companies like Pixomondo, Mr. X, Rockstar Games, and Ubisoft all looking for animators in Ontario.

I don’t know enough about your situation to determine whether a career switch is worth it. I know that age is not an issue as long as you don’t make it an issue (IE having a spouse or kids or other responsibilities that will make you less available for your employer). Life is short so you might as well try to it if you can. Usually people don’t regret at least attempting to make their passion a career as long you are responsible with your financial and personal life while doing it.


Isn’t Autodesk Canadian??!!!


No, it’s american, but they have offices in Canada and other countries as well.


Maya very much is Canadian however. So is Side Effects. So 3d development wise TO and Montreal are very strong.
Not just ‘offices’.

3d Animation there is tonnes of work in Canada but you do have to aim for the ‘centers’.
Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto are the strongest. Halifax, Quebec, Edmonton and Calgary less so but definitely is some.
Anywhere else will be niche and harder to find.

You might be able to make some income as a remote freelancer in small town Ontario but how well you do may come down to luck as well as skill.
The very large studios don’t like remote work. They want folks ‘on site’.
So this means moving to the cities I mentioned above.
But don’t worry about this until after you finish training, reel development and start getting job offers. Then move accordingly.


Just off the top of my head, theres more for sure.

Animation studios in Canada:

Animal Logic

You literally live in the best country in the world for this type of work currently.


Still not a canadian company. Just like GM, Ford etc which have plants all around the world are not mexican or japanese corporations.


Semantics they used to be Canadian (Alias and Softimage ) before being bought by a foreign company (AD).
More like Volvo and Geely.
And Side Effects is still wholly owned Canadian.

My main point still stands-Canadian 3d R&D brainage and development is very strong in these cities and therefore with decades of development *and * production experience.


I’m reasonably confident that Canada has more jobs in computer graphics per capita than any other country in the world.


Well the question was if AD was a canadian company and I just responded a fact based answer. In that uber simple context, your point is irrelevant. No offense.
Besides, as a Canadian and (near) Montrealer, I’d rather have that utmost despicable software company not canadian :wink:


Wow, I guess I’m a horrible googler because I had no idea! Very motivating to hear about this and will absolutely start taking this more seriously as it may turn out to be something if I work hard enough. Thank you to all replies :slight_smile:


You’re going to have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to pursue this career. There are many job opportunities in Canada for animators, a lot of them from the Gaming Industry, but if you’re not all in you won’t succeed in this industry. Honestly, I would ignore some of the freelancing advice for now because you most likely haven’t attended a school for animation and have no previous experience so that really wouldn’t be a realistic option for you starting out.