3 an 5 sided rendering subds


is it possible to render out in MR a sub d that has 5 an 3 sided face if so how is this done


funny thread…it’s what everyone wishes about mr!! :slight_smile:


haha i know you cant but i was lookin at the body topolgy section a stalsberg metions rendering 5 sided poly in MR but i got the info i needed


This limitation only resides with mr for maya, mr standalone, mr for xsi, and mr for max do not suffer from this limitation.


so basically, what is the trick?


The trick is if you want to render with mr for maya, keep your poly meshes before converting to subd in quads.


Just use 0-Level smoothing, I was never a fan of Maya’s H-SubDs, there’s like a million limitations on them.


I was never a fan of Maya’s H-SubDs, there’s like a million limitations on them.

… wow, I am actually the opposite. I think their awsome… as long as you use more of a nurb modeling mentality and build from there.

I found this quite useful:



convert your low-res poly to subD, then use SubDiv -> Collapse Heirarchy.

then delete the old SubD, leaving the higher-detailed SubD that is all quads.

Mental Ray will render it fine, and as your scene gets more complex, it will get faster…

MR with 500,000k poly render with SSS, 1hour 45 minutes
MR with collapsed SubD render with SSS, 35 minutes.


Greatings to all…

Hehe, If I have read this earlier, I wouldn´t have learned some very useful skills in Nurbs patch modeling ! But that is how it goes, I guess… :slight_smile:


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