2voor12 - Ether


Done for a Dutch quiz-show; ‘Twee voor Twaalf’ (2 to 12). Each episode contains 2 questions (of 24) that are preceeded by an animation. Storyline of the animation is based on the question asked afterwards.
This particular animation is about Thomas Clover, who invented a machine to properly put people under narcosis for surgery. Before his invention surgeons used alcohol and later on a bottle of ether under the patient’s nose to put them to sleep…
Models are all ‘foldable’ pieces of paper, although it is not very visible. Everything was drawn in Illustrator and colored in Photoshop. Animation and rendering done in Lightwave.

Quicktime available on [www.aljenhoekstra.nl](http://www.aljenhoekstra.nl/)
(just click the WORK button on the bottom).



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