2D Woman with candle


Hi there I want to make a semi-comic image of a woman holding a candle. Maybe you guys can help me making it good :slight_smile:


Don’t even know where to begin with this one. What kinda help are you looking for? Maybe that would help. What type of comic are you trying to make? Short little details like that would be helpful. Cause right now looks like you got a long ways to go. But maybe we can help.


Thanks for your reply. At the moment I want to have help with the head concerning anatomy and texture.

With semi-comic I meant not ultra-realistic, but in the direction of realism (sorry for my not very helpful english, I’m not a native speaker).

I’ve added some more specularity to eyes, hair and lips.


Cool if it is that perfect give me a plug and plentiful of money.


this is hard to comment on because, either the poster lies to you and says it looks great, or they post piddling comments on what you can improve.

This needs serious work. And by that I mean, stop drawing it, get out a pencil and some paper, and draw, draw, draw. Study anatomy, draw from life, draw simple objects, practice shading. Then work on this. Seriously, I can’t say improve this and this, when everything needs a complete overhaul.

I am sorry about this post. It is harsh, and I really don’t expect you to be a fantastic artist without lots of work, a path which you have just begun to embark on, but just the same you really need to practice the basics: shading/volume/line quality/anatomy/actually seeing your subject. It is usually best to work with traditional media first, so that at the very least you are not glued to the computer, but also so you develop dexterity with many media and processes. Photoshop and painter can do great things, but they are only dull imitations of real media. Take a look at a book called “Drawing from the right side of the brain”. If you work through it and really practice your skills, you will see dramatic improvement.


Thank you, at least that was an honest comment :slight_smile: I’m doing these things you mentioned parallel to computerthings, but it’s hard to draw with the mouse so I want to practise. A new update.


Goon gave you some great directions. If you would really like to learn te draw people, draing from a model is the best. I’m shure you can find some kind of 10-lessons course somewhere nearby. you’ll learn a lot.

Drawing with a mouse is something I realy can advise against. Even drawing directly on a Wacom is not easy. Draw stuff on paper like Goon advises, and scan it later on if you would like to render it.

Good luck.


Im also working with traditional media but I hoped that the people here can show me exactly what Im doing wrong. And I don’t want to redo the picture from the start to practise on it. I hope I don’t offend anyone by spamming this thread with my pictures. :slight_smile: I’ve resized the jaw and redone the lips.


You’ve actually made some nice progress from the original post. The shoulders look nice squared off now – they were much too broad and manly before. Be careful with the neck, though. It shouldn’t flare out at the bottom like that. Keep it all at a similar diameter. Left arm looks pretty good, but the right needs work. Starting with her right hand, I don’t get the sense that it’s holding the candle. It may be easier to convey if the candle were long enough that her right could be seen below her left. Her right upper arm looks tapered near the elbow, but it should be fairly straight.

Here’s a tip that will be of great use to you in the future. Choose one base flesh tone, block out your figure and resolve all the anatomy issues before you do anything else. Create a separate layer and add hair, eyes, clothing and other details. In a third layer add shadows and highlights. It’s too much wasted work to shade a figure when you’re going to keep modifying the character’s pose and proportions. Keep working on this and have faith. Everybody has a different opinion, but I find it easier to draw on a computer because you erase cleaner on a monitor than on paper. Plus, you’ve got great commands like undo, cut, paste, rotate, create layer, blur, etc.


Thank you very much, I will keep your advice about layering shadows and highlights off in mind. Here a new update. Hope I will get further advice. :slight_smile:


Made some improvements :slight_smile:


No comment at all, I seriously think I’ve made some improvements, please give crits.


Lower the eyes. Widen and lower the cheekbones. Starting a face with a vertical and horizontal guide line helps. Eyes should be slightly smaller unless you are going for an Anime look. The expression should also be indicative of the action - holding a candle.

If you want a good step by step, get Anime and Game Characters by Tadashi Ozawa. It has great tips on drawing faces, bodies and expressions.


Thanks that was a good advice, with lower eyes she is more beautiful :slight_smile:


Though nobody seems interested in commenting this thread, another update:


This is quite improved. I like the strong sense of light from the candle, though you might consider partially illuminating the left side of her face. The candle is in the wrong place to throw it into shadow.
If you can, fix the hands. That alone should improve the piece. Particularly her right hand. It lacks forshortening, is too small, and the thumb looks quite akward.

But you are doing well. Just keep at it!


Thank you, what do you think about this ?


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