2D - Warmachine - Machine of War


So i’m slow to the gates, but i finally made a decision to create a war machine illustration.
let me know which one you prefer. Crits/comments welcome


I kind of like 3 the best. First thing that came to mind was sonic hedgehog of doom. can already see heavy guns in the front and some type of thrusters in the back.

cool stuff


EEeeeeeey Bud! good to see you in here! I like 2 the best. i think if you ad mechanical arms with a big gun at the end on the top of this machine it would look crazier! Its too bad you arent doing 3d…no zbrush :wink: just pure metal!!! anyways keep at it!


good to see your starting.
I hope you will be happy and get some reward at the end!


Hey man, glad to see you entering! :slight_smile:
I like 2 and 3 a lot. 1 is cool too, but doesn’t fit for the “hand to hand” combat against the other contestants.
Can’t wait to see your illustration! Keep it up!


Hey man, didnt see this till now. I really like 3. Just gotta make sure to keep the center-of-gravity centered in the final design with that one.
Keep it up!


Hey Dame! Glad to see you entering the 3D contest. :slight_smile:

I like #3, the Ed-209 silhouette. Its got a really strong stance. My second fav would be #1, the wartrakk. :slight_smile:


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