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[b]Welcome to the 2D tutorial thread.

When you find a new tutorial feel free to post it here, this is highly appreciated.
But please keep this thread clean by not posting “thank you” replies, questions for tutorials or links that have already been posted here.


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[i]I thought it would be such a good idea for everyone if we could share some 2D tutorials. So, if anyone likes the idea, let’s post links in this thread

Regards, Norante! :beer: [/i]
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Here like a tutorial I did the other day…Its my first one but hey its a tutorial…Egorson tutorial


here’s a good one.


How do you do a select color range? Tell me about this…Might be handy to know?

I just paste the whole sketch into an Alpha channel and paint in grey tones there. Then copy it from alpha and paste back into a new layer when it’s done. The advantage is you can load your alpha mask again and again to strengthen or lighten the final image whenever you want to.


Select > Color Range …

Good info there Sleepless, I’ll have to give it a try.


JeePee has just posted this list of Photoshop tutorial sites in the Photoshop forum.
Most are about the technical parts of Photoshop than on actually drawing, but it might be very usefull to many of you.
So I copy-pasted them in here aswell.

Thanks JeePee :slight_smile:





I found this whiles browsing around, i though id help by giving a direct link. its not a tutorial, or perhaps some… Its reference photos on the human anatomy. Damn, its gonna be useful.


here is another directurl to ONLINE (scanned) drawing books.
Drawing heads, hand, bodies and such, i read one of them.
They are awesome, very easy to follow:



this is a painting tutorial page from Jezebel (find her on Map-Center)


This is for oil painting, but I think the way it breaks down into layers can be translated into photoshop or painter nicely.



I saw that some people want to make their first steps with Illustrator for the living toons challenge. Very good idea :thumbsup:

I made a litle step by step some time ago. So I thought it a good idea to post it here. What I usually do is take a basic shape, or click in some anchorpoints and chance/round the shape a bit by pulling out the anchorpointdirectors. Or use the pathfinder on two different shapes to make a merge or cutout.

Hope it will be helpfull.


OK guys, here is one i like a lot. It´s about cartoon and animated gif stuff. Have fun!!!



i dunno whether you are aware of this link … but it’s good that it stays in that topic for everybody … :


Tutorials for manga peple:
polykarbon tutorials

and a list of 2d tutorials:
sumalethslink archive


digital illustration exercise
digital portrait painting

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The tutorials can be found overhere:
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this one is really great i think :smiley:



How to go from paper sketch to PS5+ color render

his website is:

other sites:
Background painting video (2,8MB Div-X)
Character painting video (2,8MB Div-X)

nice artwork check him out.


very in-depth, painting in photoshop, tutorial…
by Ron Lemen

“Art Tutorial on Color and Digital Painting”


Here’s a very nice one on digital painting khangle81 posted in another thread. It works for traditional painting aswell.

Thanks khangle81 :thumbsup:


I have several tutorials on 2D digital painting and texures on my site at the tutorialpage .


A nice tutorial about painting clouds by Steven Stahlberg: