2D Pan and Zoom camera in C4D? Possible?


Something I use all the time in Maya are the 2D pan and zoom attributes built in to the camera. I’d like to be able to do something like this in C4D too but obviously there’s no direct equivalent natively. Is there some clever way to do it via xpresso or similar?

In a nutshell these controls allow you to pan or zoom into a 3D viewport as if you’ve loaded it into Photoshop and are simply enlarging the image, without any change of focal length etc. The camera doesn’t change position so you can do it on animated cameras too without affecting the animation. I find it very useful for say finessing facial animation when animating a medium or wide shot. I’m back to animating in C4D on a job this week and it’s one of the things I miss a lot.

Video example here -




Film Move, Zoom and Magnify may do something similar.


I sometimes need this sort of view too - working on scenes with a very large scale range, so I need to have full frame and close up views.

A couple of thoughts:
“zoom” is only relevant to parallel cameras, so I tend to use ‘sensor size’ - smaller size, bigger ‘zoom’. Easy to revert to 36mm.

The other thing I do is add a second camera, in the same position, parented to the main cam, but with the sensor size set much smaller. Drag both cameras into the viewport to generate a couple of HUD elements and you can easily switch from one to the other with a couple of clicks on either HUD item.

I’m sure this could be set up in a more sophisticated way, but it might help.



Hi Brian,
what Silvercity says.
The Camera’s Film Offset and the Focal length do EXACTLY what a 2D pan zoom does.


Personally if I need to zoom in for a look, I just add another camera and then pan around the shot using camera navigation mode and zoom in with the right mouse button +2.


Thanks guys, I guess I’ll probably just parent a 2nd camera to the ‘real’ one and adjust the film offset/focal length on it so I don’t mess up the settings on the animated camera. That way I can always get back to what the camera should be set to easily by just copying the settings from the real one again. Might write a reset script to automate that for better workflow.



Hi Brian, you can use the Filmzoom/move tools and than use Undo View (cmd+shit+Z) to get back. But thats of course nasty if you do several Move/zoom operations. But for just zooming in and going back its the easiest way. A script to set and store the default and than go back easily would be great of course.


Hi Holger, yeah my typical workflow in Maya would be to zoom in, animate with the camera like that for a while and then disable the zoom to make a preview, enable it again to make more changes etc. The nice thing with it in Maya is that it’s something you can leave set and just toggle it on and off. I’d like to replicate that so I’ll look into scripting it, at least for a fast reset.



That’s the reason I tend to manipulate sensor size for the 2nd camera - it leaves your focal length setting in place but gives exactly the same effect. Just return sensor size to 36mm and you’re good to go. Of course if you’re scripting it with some form of reset / or copy and paste option, focal length would work just fine.



Floating view panel with assigned and locked camera for render…and free docked view-port for editing…?


Yeah I usually have that kind of setup in any case, one with the ‘shotcam’ and the other view is the camera I use to navigate around the character and select controllers etc. I like to vary the zoom on the shotcam though ideally rather than open a 3rd viewport as things get a little cluttered.



I believe Cineversity’s Zoom Cam is very similar to that you’ve got in Maya there.


Any idea what that might be under? Searching the Cineversity site for ‘Zoom Cam’ gives me 255 results… none of which seem to be obviously it…



Should be here: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/projection_man_presets_-_overview

It was a part of some Projection Man presets. Don’t feel bad, I always forgot where it was whenever this comes up. But I believe, it’s been a while, this should do what you want


Ah great, thanks Brett, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Sweet!



Does this continue to be the only solutions?