2d or 3d...thats the question?


Hi all!

Here is a drawing on a different material.

Because I am a Tattoist also i wanted to show this… and some more in next time.

But I just show tattoos I did the concept for.

Hope thats no prob to show this fleshy art?:thumbsup:



And here is a backpiece…

Not finished till now!


And here is a classic Pice in my sort of new-school style:



Hey folks… It would be nice to get some Feedback!:annoyed:


Tommy Lee


Whats up dude? I haven’t seen any tattoo art in this forum at all, but that doesn’t mean its not welcome. I think you’re not getting much feed back because tattoo art is almost a completely different realm from CG art.


I design tattoos for lots of people and I use my computer for almost all of it, though I definately have never actually tattooed anyone. Have you noticed the cultural gap between tattoo artists and other types of artists? I sure have. I know there are some reallly talented people out there who do tattoos for a living yet they aren’t “accepted” into the traditional artists demographic. I’ve always been curious as to why that is. (Biker boots vs Birkenstocks?) Heheh just kiddin’.

Anyway, it seems that you style has some graffiti influence that seems to be really popular with tattooing. My buddy, in his youth, was a damn good graffiti artist, now he does tattoos as a side job. I’d like to hear you talk about your subject matter and style as an artists aswell as a tattooer. Post more stuff if you’ve got it. I want to get into this!:beer:
Take care for now man.


Hi Vinsoviet!

I am a Tattooist, but I came from traditionel Art.

I still do traditionals, Computerarts and Comicart.
I wanted to show all my work I do as artist, and
tattooing is one of them.

Thanks for ya reply and we will hear us again.

Have a nice time


Tommy Lee:beer:


great work! I like the style you have.
One of my brothers has several tattoos, and until I saw the work on him, I had no idea the amount of detail and shading/coloration that could be done in this medium.
Do you sketch on paper when you get ideas for tattoos, or on a computer?
Thanks for sharing- don


Really nice!! ,

i personally dont like big tattoos , i dig the small symbolic ones , but the detail you put there is amazing.




@Don and all who are interrested:

I do no sketches befor I tattoo, I make it freehand…that means:
First I draw on the skin… Then I start to tattoo.

I will load up a series of pics soon, wich demonstrate the technique.

Thanks for posting

Tommy Lee:wavey:


STEP 1: sketch


STEP 2: tattooing the outlines


STEP 3: Shading


The series of pics I did today:

The Piece isnt finisched till now… but soon!

Tommy Lee


And I also like to give the Photos for my presenting-map
a real morbid touch…muahahahaha!!!

The wounds were painted with a WACOM Graphire Tablet and
Paint shop pro 7.

Here it is::hmm:


beautiful work dude and by the way clowns are just plain scary:D


Thanks JacobB…and u are absolutly right…muahahahaha!



Hahahaha! I love that cadaver look! You should put those pieces in your book you show clients, make ‘em think you’re so hardcore you tat dead guys. Hehehe. I dig that last piece you’re workin’ on. It looks more comic style, sweet man. Can’t wait to see the finished one.:thumbsup:



Thanks dude! And I show that Pics in my Presentingmap for customers. I am sick and I am proud of it…:surprised

Laterz dude

Tommy Lee


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