2D moblur & post depth of field


I’ve got a sequence (20 seconds).
I want motion blur & a nice depth of field. Unfortunatly render times are an issue. I’m rendering with Maya Software (so far).

I’ve got a good plugin for AE to make a Depth of field (Lenscare)

I could make a 2D Motion Blur wit maya.

But those two don’t mix very well! Any solutions?


I recommend ReelSmart motion blur for After Effects. It is very fast and the quality in nice.



That seems like my last resort!

I actually tried a depth shader from Highend3D, with which I could render out a ZDepth image with 2D motion blur… well in theory… in practice my scene crashed badly… now I’m just happy I can render it at all.


yes, I’ve had the maya render crash using the depth shader and motion blur (I was using 3d blur) anyway, what I ended up doing was creating a surface shader with a circular ramp attached and projected down on my entire scene, the center of the projection was then parented to my camera so as my camera moved, the projection moved as well. Worked well enough for me and it could be blurred in maya.

ReelSmart’s motion blur is great, but sometimes it’s results are unpredictable w/ lots of motion.

Good luck!



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