[2d illustration] more moonlight




This was done for the same client as the Headless Horsedude from last week. Jose Saenz sketched the lines for the characters in pencil, and passed them off to me for painting. The chief art direction I was given was that it needed to be magical.

The boy’s head was a challenge to light, as it’s one of those compound cartoon shapes that shouldn’t exist in real space.

Initially I was planning on going more monochromatic with the piece, like I did for the other poster, but it just didn’t suit the mood of a Peter Pan theme. Cheese detector disabled, additive blend mode ahoy, set sail for magical . . .


This looks great! Nice colours used, i like this :slight_smile:


wow i really like this alot! AWESOME colors! :buttrock:


Hello, job very sympathetic nerve, well in the kind Disney, only small
reproach the prospect for the boat which is not in the same plan!!!
but cheer the friend. :thumbsup:




Damn nice work dude, once again. You and this Jose Saenz guy make a great team.

Beautiful lighting.



You know I wasn’t all that enthusiastic going into this last piece when I gave the sketch to Brian, only because I thought the previous Headless Horseman painting he did couldn’t be topped…I was wrong. He’s made it difficult for me to choose a favorite now. My boss actually wasn’t expecting such a colorfuol Peter Pan painting at first, but once he saw the rough underpainting he had a change of heart.

I think we DO make a great team too. I’ve been working at this place (with Brian’s clients) for over a year now and having the opportunity to collaborate with Brian has definitely been one of the highlights. I pitch, he hits. I think you guys are in for a treat when he completes the next piece too.

-jose saenz


cool :smiley:
another version of Peter Pan …
very cute drawing. Tingelbell (hope she is so called) doesn’t look female anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
the perspective (ship and cliff) doesn’t fit. you should reduce the sea a little bit.
very lovely :wink:


Lookin’ forward to it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Can we get a look at the line art by itself?


here’s Jose’s sketch (if he doesn’t beat me to it):


Those are some original characters that I created…They are being used in a soon to open kids’ park in South Florida. The boy’s head and the bird’s body are some unusual shapes for characters I think but that was the direction I was given…my boss for some reason was stuck on using primitive shapes for his characters…“a cylinder or a cube shape for the head”. I went with a squashed cylinder for the boy’s head and then just went on from there…adding features and such.

It’s difficult designing 2d characters for a park because you know that they’ll eventually not only be used for print purposes but also as sculptures, toys, and so on. Something that looks great in 2d doesn’t neccessarily translate very well in 3d. I found that a lot of the appeal is gone when I have translated these to sculptures (I’m still developing them), but Brian hit upon a happy median…a 2d painting with lots of volume.

-jose saenz


very cool the colors give it so much life also the kids hair is very good :thumbsup:


Thanks for postin’ the sketch. It’s nice to be able to compare the “before and after”, so you can see just how much work was put into the color and lighting.

As I said, ya’ll make a great team. I’m really looking forward to seeing some more collabs from you two. :slight_smile:

BTW~ Great work on that bg dude! :slight_smile:



cute,is the word and i think you got the magic feel.but i do think that the ship would have looked better farther off in the distance,under the glow of the moon.overall,good! :slight_smile:


This is really much than a colorisation!
You have made a great painting!



My favorite part of Brian’s painting is the boy’s face (great tones)…oh and his costume. He got some amazing textures in there, particularly on the character’s right leg.


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