2D: hey, new tank transformer finished..................


The TF Dust Devil battle tank deployments include active protection system, integration fire control system and energy regeneration system.


Scooby frickin doo.

Lots of details you have there.

Please paint it!


Really cool with all the details!
But I think you should colour it and shade it.
As it is now its’s very hard to focus on what all the parts really is…


dang, thats friggin awesome!
detail level is amazing!


Pretty cool!

That shurely would be a pain to model :wink:

Best regards


Holy insane detail! How did you ever keep track of everything when you were working on it??


It’s hard to read, as lines have the same thickness everywhere. It makes flat and busy impression, lacking the depth. IMO You should vary the thickness a bit.

You posted this on poo? I think I saw it there :wink:


Awsome, though confusing to the eye, shading could do alot to this pic.


thx for all the great suggestion, my friends,i 'll improve my future work …i love TF so deeply…:beer: :beer:


nice detail. very professional :thumbsup:


:eek: man this stuff is even better than pat lee’s artworks!! he’s the president of dreamwave comics (http://www.dreamwaveprod.com) and also the penciller of the transformers series…and this can easily be a frontpage cover material :thumbsup:

it took me awhile to find the head though…but you should definitely colour this in!! only one question remains; is he autobot or decepticon? i vote decepticon :wink: and you’re damn right bout being a hardcore robot designer :bowdown:


Wicked stuph!
I agree with the others, it needs some colour.


details are amazing!
expecting your next step on it!^^


Wow, that’s just really cool!


Reminds me a lot of Geof Darrow for some reason (in a very good way).

I actually don’t mind at all that it is not colored… For some reason I think I actually find it even more interesting this way.

Keep it up!


Ps. I’d love to have a t-shirt of this one.


Yeah, very Geoff Darrowish, Throw in some color and shade and you’d have a winner here :wink:



well, i think i should do sth to show my respect to all of u and this forum, i’ll make better robor art in the future, well ,all of ur words encourage me,yes, i love dreamwave TF series, and yeh, this must be deceptron,:beer: :beer: but i am so busy, i finish this work in my spare time, so if sb can make the color, that will be so great, i thx all of u here, my friends, i’ll stay here for a long time, ,for the glory of art… :thumbsup: You posted this on poo? yeh, i just left poo, here is better…


strange, i go to eatpoo but they ban me, so i decide to stay here only…:beer:


yeah i agree with the others with either adding some line qualtiy or even useing french greys. that would clear things up a bit.
but wow thats really an intense amout of detail!




nice nice nice
colour colour colour

:applause: :applause: :applause: