2D editors clumsy?


I’ve been using a number of image editors lately, well the gimp most of all. I’ve even had the possibility to mess with photoshop again. aside from me being fairly new to the gimp, I didn’t really like the navigation setup anymore. So clumsy and these toolbars keep getting in the way, you can keep moving and carefully redocking them, kinda hate it.

So I was thinking, why are the ways you edit stuff in an image editor (at least it seems to be similar in a lot of image editors) so clumsy?
A lot of navigation and editing in 3d can be converted to 2d. for instance, since we have an uv window in blender, navigating in it is easy.

mmb/shift mmb to pan/zoom/rotate the view.
wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to rotate a 2d view, independant of resolution.
What I mean is, the image will always be saved in its default position, but suppose you have a pen tablet and you want to draw a hard to do line. on a piece of paper, you just rotate the paper a bit. You cannot do that in any image editor that I know of, not without making it definite anyway.
You could for instance have an A4 format document, then use shift mmb to rotate the image ONLY TEMPORARY, so the pixels aren’t changing location, you just rotate the paper/the screen they are on. you could then use ctrl like in blender to rotate in steps, like 5 degress at a time. or shift to rotate smaller values.

Hotkeys to bring up small menus (think of a settings window for a specific tool) like the transform properties window in blender. And a GUI like blender’s where you can drag and make any screen be any kind of edit window, be it buttons, 2d view, user preferences etc.

This probably isn’t very fair of me, but I find the gimp quite clunky to use, in comparision to photoshop. (which I know better because I used it a lot in school) and photoshop seems to be stuck in this old workflow idea too.

basically I’m hoping there’ll be an open source 2d image editing application around that compares to other apps the way blender compares to the other “big boys” in 3D

In 3D there have been a lot of strange fish lately, that do things differently, and people love them. Like Modo, zbrush and mudbox, maybe even though that one is around longer metinks…

sketchy image/ rough idea:

Okay, I don’t mean for it to LOOK like blender, just to have a different workflow from most apps. I’m just brainstorming, it’s all wishfull thinking, but hey, one can dream right?

you should also have hotkeys like you currently have in sculp mode for changing brush sizes and intensity and such. timesaver…

also, one big flaw in gimp imo is that when you use a tablet pen, you can’t draw really fluent lines, you get these subdivided lines. In photoshop, you can check an option somewhere that interpolates between and makes the lines smooth.

editable menu’s you can place under a hotkey to include tools you often use.
I think it could make you spend more time editing than switching tabs/layers/properties/brush selection dialogue boxes etc.


What we need is a chair like they had in the matrix (remember when Neo learned martial arts) to download machine code, C++ and Python into our brain in one afternoon.
Imagine all the programs we could make better or invent? LOL

btw: GREAT screenshot :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel any better, GIMP has come a long way and since a few weeks, I’m using 2.3.14? for most of my work. She has her charms (Ms. Gimp that is)


hey well at least the ability to learn stuff as fast as in the matrix would be cool.

I started this thread to see what people thought of this idea. I’ve often wondered if the workflow in these 2d programs could be improved. I post it because I’ve read a number of negative things about gimp 2.4 somewhere. A number of these where relevant for what I’d need it for.

I’ve had this navigation thing in my mind for a few days now. If I had photoshop, I’d have made a more decent screengrab with decent matching panels, but in gimp, it’s just to much draging, merge down, undo select hassle and all. But I thought you’d get the idea.

ms gimp certainly has her charms, but I can’t use it for pro stuff, regardless of me knowing it’s workflow or not. I’ll keep using it till i learn it’s workflow better, but both gimp and the photoshop thingy aren’t all that inituitive.

Is the “rotate canvas without affecting the image” idea really so bad? there could be a button or a shortkey in it’s window to return to the default position. Like blender has alt-r and alt-g and alt-s for clearing rotation, transform and scale.

About what I’d change about the image:
the right side with the modifier stack would be a layer manager, more like the outliner, where you can parent layers an effect assigned to them. I’d make the screen in the window transparent and shaped like the transform/sculpt dialogue (nkey)
I’d clean up the header with 2d graphical stuff, one of em being adding a button "return rotation/zoom to default.
I have some other ideas about a brush editor/selecting.
I’d keep the blender interface idea but replace it with relevant gimp toolsets. or graphic toolsets for that matter.
I’m more or less trying to design an interface for 2D stuff that would work very natural for me. I’m curious if more people feel that way as well.


well the canvas rotation thing exists in the lates opencavas, that i know… but thats a win’doze-only app… and yes id like to see that in blender allright… ^^


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