Just one doubt(I can b wrong but it’s ok cuz an atheus,anyway:)),but aren’t angels suppost to b assexuated?
I really loved everyboy’s work,but Shitface,the butcher,made me smile the most:thumbsup:


I made a new painting ill show the close ups but if you want to see the full painting go here. :slight_smile:


oh sorry I did not put how long it took. The whole work took 1 week and half on and off. The scene took 1 day mostly and the rest was minor tweaking. The cha took the longest to get right since even at the high res the cha were small so every pixle counted.


Just finished another one this is a dwarf part of the fantasy concept art project I am doing. He is Heavy Arms type.


Wow, that’s so cool! Frankly I think your dwarf design looks better than here I exhibit my huge lack of geek knowledge huge statues that they had in LOTR ~ you know, the huge guardian guys with the outstretched arms[b]…thingy…hides in shame :slight_smile:

[/b]But yeah, this rocks!!! :slight_smile:




[color=white]Thanks :slight_smile: I am really trying to keep true to the what has been seen before but also stray with the design types of armor or general feel a bit. Hope it comes to be original without being a clone of a style done before etc.



Desp#2/Rog i like your style very impressive


Don’t forget about this thread, either :slight_smile: bump


ok why not :wink:

medium: photoshop
facts: ive done this for a friend whos playing dsa (like d&d) p&p rpg

medium: photoshop
facts: this is one of my characters i played in ultima online

medium: photoshop
facts: this is some stylized selfportrait for my site (which aint done yet, dont waste your time looking ;))

medium: photoshop
facts: its been for chow 18 (metrosexual pirate) over at ca.org

medium: pencil
facts: this has been my entry for character of the week 19: twisted anatomy beauty over at ca.org




Hey, if you are interested in running a Workshop or Tutorial here on the Anatomy Forum, please let me know and I’ll help you set that up (Workshop) - Tutorial/s you may post at any time. :slight_smile:

When posting Tutorials, I just ask that you follow the standard naming convention of:

TUTORIAL - What It’s About - by Your Name

[left]And, of course, to post it in the Tutorial forum. :)[/left]

[left]Great work!!![/left]

[left]Cheers, :)[/left]


thank you for your support rebecca… i just wouldnt know what to tell… im feeling like a starter myself… not like theres something i feel i could tell someone else… :confused:

but ill keep that in mind… and maybe im just in a bad mood today… ill come back to you on that issue when i feel ready :).



No problem. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Great stuff! Anthing here made traditionally or is computer graphics the way of the future?


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