This thread is for 2D TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL CONCEPT DESIGNERS to post their best FIGURATIVE work.

[u]Please post:[/u]

[b][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process and the project

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



These are one of my fav concept drawings. The one directly below is from a new project I am doing about fantasy art.

Digital PS / 7 hr from concept to finished

Digital PS / 10 hr concept to finished

Pencil / 6hr I forget it has been a while

To do these I do a few roughs once I get something I like from a quick gesture drawing of sorts I do more of detailed line to seprate forms for ease of drawing.


Some initial thumbnail concepts, about 2 minutes each:


Razorback - Prismacolor pencil, 1 hour:

Laura the robot - 15 mins, pencil and marker:

Shitface the Butcer, 1/2 hour:


JAW Drops!

THIS one is going to be fuuuuun! Great works I love them all so far.


AWESOME work, guys! Thanks for posting these! Ah, I finally get to see the true colors shining…

Ah, I see magic man’s signature sense of humor ~ the Laura sketch is HILARIOUS!

Desp#2/Rog, I love the Art-Nouveau-ish theme in the back of your first piece…

This is GREAT work, guys! :thumbsup:

Question for both Desp#2/Rog and magic man: Will these works be used professionally / published?

Keep it coming! :slight_smile:



None of those have been used but this one has. I made this when I was in Epic Games Studios doing UT2K4. This is the concept for the Convoy truck. I am originally a level designer for games. But I also like to draw. Atm I am going to stay in school since working kind of kills school all together. I am going to be going to SVA for Computer Arts. I got accepted like a few months ago plus I ended up getting a scholarship so I am really looking forward to that school!

Edit: before Epic I was in a County College studying Graphic Design. I like it a lot but I realized it was not my main goal.

Edit2: Linked the drawing :slight_smile:


Pencil / 2 days (it was on a 16x24 sized paper) Slight modfications to dark areas with PS and basic clean up.



This is an awesome drawing, but let’s try to keep this forum limited to Figurative work ~ as you show in your previous posts.

Same applies to magic man ~ awesome work, but please only post FIGURATIVE work. :wink:

Congratulations on your acceptance to SVA! Please continue to post your work here even after you start school ~ it will be cool to watch as you submit better and better work!

Thanks :slight_smile:



Np ill make sure to keep it in figure drawing. I linked it.

Thanks I really want to be in SVA classes right now… but I have to wait for 1 month and half :expressionless:


Desp#2/Rog wrote:

Thanks I really want to be in SVA classes right now… but I have to wait for 1 month and half :expressionless:

Excellent! Feel free to roam these virtual halls until then :slight_smile:



This is a bit old but it was at hand. It’s pen and Prismacolor markers, within 2 hours.



This is really beautiful work! The only crit I would have would be that his arm looks a little inaccurate in terms of his anatomy ~ however, the overall style of the piece is quite consistent!

Thanks for posting your work, and I look forward to more of your posts! :slight_smile:



Sorry R, didn’t see the figure concept art only.

Here’s a quick sketch of a female cop, prismacolor pencil.


Probably one of my best traditional pieces to date. The picture is called b.r.e.a.t.h.e. and was done using Karisma colored pencil on coloured card. It took me, gosh, I’m not sure, a good 20-25 hours, if not more, done with one reference for the upper half of the bodies, the lower halves and arm were done from a number of references.

My first serious digital piece, done to illustrate a chapter of my novel, Hit the Floor, entitled Losing Sanity. The bodies were referenced mostly from pictures of wrestlers, but the faces, are pretty much off the top of the head. Time taken: waaaay too long, I dread to think, probably in excess of 40 hours, maybe 50.

And just as a comparison, this one was done with no reference, in about three hours total. An hour for the sketch, an hour to ink by hand, and an hour to colour simply in photoshop, and done, coincidentally, after reading through the first anatomy thread of rebecca’s. There are still issues I’m aware of, but for such a fast work, with no ref, I’m very happy with it.



Good God, these are cool! I especially like the first and second pieces. I have only one question…what is the gender of the angel in the first piece? :rolleyes:



Ah, yes, sorry, should have mentioned that. The angel IS male, though all the angels in that particular universe I role play in are very beautiful, androgynous (is that the right spelling, or come to think of it the right word?) beings. I hope that’s okay…


pft…girls and their pretty boys…proves my theory that all woman are lesbians in there own special way.:smiley:

cool art though,apart from the over prettyness.the guys face in ur second pic kinda looks like a woman too,the one being stangled still looks cool though,great colour.


Hey Zepyhri would you be kind enuff to show us some progress shots of ur digital painting for ur novel?


@Magic Man:
That shit-faced samurai is a excellent concept style! kudos!

breathe: excellent painting and the elvish city is great!


Thank you guys… reflectedfight: I’d love to, but I’d never heard of CGTalk when I did it, or I might have done! I painted pretty much everything onto a maximum of three layers, one for one guy, one for the other and the background. Progress shots are something I find very useful myself, so I’ll try to keep a record of the next piece I do like that.