2D co-productions and Open Canvas WPEs


Hi everyone! After talking with some guys of the Daily sketchgroup
(like supervlieg and sir patroclo) I thought it might be interesting
to start a 2d co-productions thread where people can post images
created in a team.

It’s also a thread for sharing WPE files. WPEs are eventfiles of
Open Canvas (which can be found here).

Here are the rules:

  • Post only team projects.
  • any medium is allowed.
  • add a brief text description about your piece and all the artists that contributed.
  • if the picture is painted in Open Canvas post a link to the WPE file next to the image.

Have fun!



This is a picture I made with Taron333 in Photoshop.
We had a lot of fun! First I painted the head and then I created a new layer with a
white blop to hide the head so Taron could only see the neck.
He painted the body and created a new layer to hide the body so I could only see the
lower part of the hip. I continued painting the legs.

After painting about an hour and a half we unhided the white blop layers. And here is the
result!. It was our first team project and we were very surprised how good the Bodyparts
matched together cause we didn’t know what the other one was painting.
A little color correction, the background and the shadow on the floor was added afterwards
by Taron.

Here are the seperate bodyparts.


Cool! I think that turned out to be a really awesome robot guys.

Now about this open canvas thing. What a cool program. To watch your drawing being rebuild is really cool. I only have a problem with garbled letters in my interface. Quite a nice drawing program btw.

I thought I kick things off. Anyone feel free to take it away and repost the updated .wpe here. To keep things organised I suggest you post when you plan to do a follow up, otherwise we’ll end up with a drawing branching off at all sides without any end result ever happening. So one update at a time.

And to keep things rolling, only post for an update when you plan to do it in the next hour or so. Dont let us wait for days while someone else is eager to jump in.

And to keep things modest, I decided for a 800*600 resolution.

Anyway, without further ado: Get the first opencanvas joint sketch thingy here. import away!

Here’s what it looks like


I’m in supervlieg I will do a follow up tonight. Nice start btw.
You probably have set the language to Japanese. You can change that in the upper right
side of the menu bar. OK I’ll have some barbecue right now. I will paint the followup

We could paint together in realtime if you have some time. With open canvas you can
paint via internet up to 4 people. Click on the network tab on the menubar there you can
open sessions for internet and ethernet. You simply send me your ip and I can connect
to your server.



couldn’t resist. Just had to do it now:)

so here you go. Next please. Feel free to delete my outline layer.
Here ist the wpe



I’m not very inspired today, I hesitated a lot, and that screw with the size of the file, don’t know how to delete steps or something. Well, here it is


Nice to see you jump in Sir Patrolco. It think undo-ing instead of erasing saves a lot of filesize. But Im not sure. Perhaps Goro knows more about this. Im still figuring out the interface of Opencanvas. Are there any shortcuts to the brushsizes for example? Changing the size in the little floater kinda ruins the flow. Most other shortcuts from photoshop seem to work, which is nice.

Anyhoo, here’s another update for you folks. I gave it number 004, perhaps its a good idea to keep the file numbers incremental. (so the next one will be 005.wpe, and then 006.wpe etc.)

I’ve zipped it because the filesize increases pretty rapidly. It’s here
Feel free to paint over any parts you don’t like :wink:


The link is to a PC version of Open Canvas Goro, do they make it for macs?


From the portalgraphics.net website:
1.4 Isn’t there its Mac version?

openCanvas corresponds with only Windows It does not correspond to Macintosh.
At this moment, we are not planning to develop the Mac version.

So I guess not SteveV :sad: . Isn’t there a windows emulator type thingy on the mac that lets you run windows progs? Opencanvas is not that heavy a program I believe. Or hijack some-ones PC :twisted:.


very nice you 2!

i’ll jump in on one as soon as i get a mild grasp on the interface - can’t wait. :smiley:


Hi, don’t know if this is the right place for it but some tips about the interface can be found here and here

Changing brushsize is easy using Ctrl + Alt and LMB-dragging left and right, very easy.
Colourpicker is the Shift key.
Rotating the canvas is Alt +LMB-dragging
Panning the canvas is Space +LMB-dragging

-There are newer versions of the program but they are not free
-There is no Mac version being planned
-Only with the 1.1 version is it possible to do a networked drawing (multiple users at the same time at the same canvas) Newer versions don’t have this functionality.


Cool, thanks for the tips.


[EDIT]oops supervlieg i missed yours, nice one![/EDIT]

[EDIT2] updated, it is not much so I can not much screw the image up ;). [/EDIT2]

hmm I am more used to PSP
but it is a nice program… I have troubles with the ‘opacity’.

I screwed it up, the next one has the right to edit/delete it :stuck_out_tongue:


Cyanid: Uhm, you didnt follow up on the last one dude. Lets try to keep it organized to prevent it from going nowhere.

Perhaps read the thread again to see where we are now. Were currently at iteration number 004, done by me. Maybe you can do a follow up to that on instead. To keep it clear, post your update as number 005.wpe.

Anyway cool to see you join in :slight_smile:

edit: I saw your edit. Now update the latest one! :smiley:


wow this thread is moving fast now!!! :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I can join in today.

Supervlieg the numbering thing is great!

nice follows everyone!


How do we know if someone is working on a image? Now it can be 2 are working at the same time and one of them does work for nothing.


Just drop a line here when you plan to do it. Something like:

Hey, im doing the next update (006.wpe) so everbody be cool until I post it.

That way everbody knows who’s turn it is. And add a new post afterwards with your update. So that way the latest post it always the latest update.


Doh!!! :banghead:
No OpenCanvas for Macs!! :cry: I feel your pain SteveV
Does anyone know of a Windows emulator for the Dual G5 that works? Ive searched high and low and can find nothing. Id love to participate in this co-op painting.


Why not start a .psd version?
If you or steveV start one, I am in :slight_smile:


AWeSOME IDEA GUYS! very interesting way of working in a collab…AWeSOME!:thumbsup: :applause:
PS format might be a good idea though :shrug:

Maybe us 3D guys can have a go or start something similar :wink: