2d Animation Short : Poules Quiès, Kaï Lydecken (Animation)


Title: 2d Animation Short : Poules Quiès
Name: Kaï Lydecken
Country: France
Software: combustion

(I recommend you to right click/save as)

High quality - 768px*432px - sorenson 3 - 38,4MB :
mirroir 1 - mirroir 2 - mirroir 3 - mirroir 4

Medium quality - 512px*288px - sorenson3 - 19MB :
mirroir 1 - mirroir 2 - mirroir 3 - mirroir 4

Poules Quiès is a project I made at LISAA (Paris). It takes me 4 month to complete this 1mn44sec long movie. Almost 2600 frames drawn nearly one by one entirely with the vector paint tool of Combustion from Discreet.

The staff :

* Direction - Animation : Kaï Lydecken
* Sound : Jean Baptiste Saint Pol
* Farmer voice (and song) : Esteban

Comments and critics are welcome.
(A job in the animation field would be really welcome too :wink: )


wow that looks great! nice style and very good animation. *****


great work … liked it a lot.

the story is a bigh laugh, and technicaly it is really appealing … hope you make frontpage


Wow, that was just beautiful! I can’t believe you did that with combustion. Triple-A!




Good job just thought i d mention that its in the wrong forum. MAybe a mod would kindly move it to the 2d forum. Anyway great work.


maybe a mod would kindly move it to frontpage


Thank you very much :love:

For them who likes the look of “Poules Quiès” : you can find some cg paints I did with almost the same style (with combustion too) on my website :slight_smile:

BESTrin : For me this was the right forum because it’s an animation (finished work 3d and animation). The other one is “2d, illustration, concept art” not animation. But If a moderator think it’s bettter in the 2d section it’s ok.

edit : wow so many faults, never write something when you just woke up.


ahah! thats some funny animation :smiley: loved it!

very good job :bounce:


hahaaaa! that’s so funny and well done. I loved the style and the fresh story! :thumbsup:



Wow, very good
What i especially liked was the first scene we see the farmer. The timing there is great



verY GOOoood! ==> in portuguese = Muito BOM!




Thank you all ! =D

yodimus : It’s fun to see which part everyone prefers. I have noticed than many animators prefers to same part as you for exemple.


Dude this rocks! Love the style and the quirks of the animation, and to do it all with combustion is stunning! I’d have torn my hair out long ago :wink:

Another vote for front page here and a big 5 stars for you!

btw my favourite bit was after the credits at the end :beer:


I allready said you in french i love it ! :smiley:


The animation and timing were spotless. An amazing accomplishment, no matter what tools you used.
I noticed the farmer character’s design kind of changed in the middle of the story. I suppose it had to… in order to show some more facial expression. Still, a little wierd. I thought he was cooler and more stylish as nothing but a silhouette.

In conclusion, Wow. An inspiration: I want to do 2d again!


An enjoyable story and great animations.
Excellent work.:applause:


Mattmos : I assure you I really lost some hairs when doing this :wink: Some parts I thought easy were the most hard to do (and vice versa). For exemple the first shot with the farmer was pretty easy to animate but the shot when the chicken comes inside and show the paper to the others chickens was harder to find a nice timing :shrug:.

HenningK : For the design and colors change of the farmer you are right it’s a bit strange but I couldn’t do it another way.
If I chose to always use the “close-shot design” (with the facial+different color for the head) it would take me longer to animate and because the background was pretty the same color than his skin in many shots his head would “disappearded”.
And in the another hand if I used the silhouette version I would have some big problems in the close shots.
(“I want to do 2d again” : yeah 2d rules :buttrock:)

Thank you poeple for all these really kind comments. :love:


Great! :thumbsup:
Nice style and great to see some good 2D animation here.




Totally fantastic! I love seeing some great 2D stuff here. Congrats on all the work you put into this, it really shows. :thumbsup:

Edit: watched it four times now, gets funnier each time!


That was absolutely great!

Lovely style, I though the whole torn paper look was brilliant.
As said earlier, the Farmer changing style halfway through was a little strange and would maybe have been better silhoutted all the way through.
Fantastic all the same.