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Sorry to all you 3D Gurus out here but we got to bust in and take a little space. A few of us that are interested in 2D animations need a place to post, so we figured this would be the forum to do it in. With that said, we welcome everyone interested in the 2D process to display their screenshots, movies, ask questions or give a little lecture. :slight_smile:

I can already predict that Macromedia Flash will be the spotlight of this thread and rightly so. It’s an easy to use tool and combined with Photoshop or Painter it can push out beautifull creations.

I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Greg K. and I’ve been working with flash for over 3 years now. I’m in the process of writing the story for my 2D animated adventure , currently titled :Guardians of Destiny. I don’t have a lot to show for it at the moment but I will soon post my environmental concepts that I’m doing in PS as well as a short overview of the polt and characters.

I hope we can use this thread to aid each other in the process and hopefully learn a thing or 2.


I am new to this forum, and also pretty new to animation. I have just finished my first animation, in fact:


I’m interested in working together to try and help everyone’s techniques.



jorgy u need to work on your animation allot,learn about how characters should interact with the background,and how they walk etc.

i suggest not tweening in flash and go frame by frame,my suggestion is buying what cud only be described as the animation bible to help u out,which is the animators survival kit by richard williams,order it from amazon


great post terro! i’m just gunna copy and paste info on my proj for the other thread in here.

I’m working on a Mortal Kombat fan film.

I have voice actors,music and everything.

currently i’m makin painted bgs,and animation is all good,hopefully i’ll have it out this year.

i’ve always been a fan of the MK original games so its a great practice for me.

this is sum concept art,this done bout april,lots changed since then design wise

and this is the scorpion design i did in early '04 when i wasn’t such a good artist,but i’ve always loved this piece for sum reason


Man I really really like that scorpion concept, did work on him directly in photoshop? And thank you for the link to that book, I’m gonna place my order today. I have a few art books that I picked up at my local bookstore, but they don’t have a big selection and almost non animtion books. And I’ll be the first to say that I have a huge issue with character animation, so this bible will come in very handy.

I do have a kind of stupid question , do you guys use a tablet for most of your flash work? I just got my tablet this year and only experianced with it in Photoshop, I did all my old animation in Flash via mouse. The mouse issue confined me to using lines instead of the paint brush because I had more controll over a line.


that scorpion concept was done before i had flash and a wacom,so that was hand inked man i used so much black ink and colored with the mouse in photoshop.

and yeh i got flash after the wacom,but i’ve i tried drawing in there with the mouse once…and i’ll never try again…

so i use wacom in flash.

the animators survival kit is a 342 page book teaching,spacing,walks,run,jumps,skips,flexibility,weight,anticipation and more.

trust me once u get that book and study it u’ll learn everything so fast.tell me what u think of it when u get it.


Noob, thanks for the advice on the book. I’ll check it out ASAP. Also, your designs are sweet! What is your long-term plan?


The one thing that I’m kind of scared of, is the spacing between movements , I know that the Frame rate also has a lot to do with spacig and I know NONE OF IT. I heard it’s crucial knowledge.


jorgy no prob,the book will help u out millions.my long-term plan is to become start my own animation company eventually,but not just 2d,i’m not gunna get into 3d,but i cud still hire people to add 3d elements when i start making movies backgrounds,landscapes etc cos i think animation is best when they are both combined,like in the cartoon metropolis movie.

terro: spacing is probably the simpilist thing to learn,its TIMING thats mighty difficult,lol,that and the walk cycle,walk cycles take up most the book,so that gives u an idea of how hard they can be.

its important u take the steps in the book as they come,and don’t skip ahead.


I Think animation is very intimidating… but one thing that helps me is to try and feel the animation… rather than say it’s gonna be this drawing exactly, or that frame number exactly, if you have to redraw it, redraw it! And shift your drawings around! That’s how I work my way around timing and spacing…

Cool idea for a forum… :smiley:


hey jakilo i’m downloading ur reel as i type,was that lil animation on ur avatar done in flash?

edit:whoa amazing reel,where have i seen that frog b4? what animation programs are used for the stuff u produced in that reel,flash?


Ha ha! Noob! you mean to tell me you’ve seen Jorge before!? (green guy)

It’s a show I worked on last year :smiley: “Olliver’s Adventures” The whole thing is on my site if you want to check it out… I did that section in After Effects, to mask out Gandalf, and I comped all of it in Flash 4, tracking, FX and all.

I use Flash 4; it’s really simple to use, and all you need is alot of imagination and explore the program to find out what it can do for you.

My avatar is a cycled animation I did for Ollie’s:) In Flash, I tought it was fun!

And yeah, everything else on my reel, all the animation was in Flash 4, and peiced together in After Effects!

Thanks alot man!


i’m gunna check out ur site soon.i did see the frog,i jus know i did,it was either online or t.v.

anyway,i need adobe after effects,all i got now is flash mx,what exactly did u add to those scenes from ur reel in after effects?


Damn this job and it’s crappy dial up connection, I want to chek out that demo reel.

I took a long break from CG talk, but back in 2003 when I was pretty active around here I remember finding a interesting post someone did. It included a pretty long list of software used for 2D animation, they were all pretty expansive and most of them in Japanese. Some of them were hybrid, handling both vecotrs and pixels on seperate layers.


Noob, I did nothing but put them back to back in AE…

Everything was in Flash:D

BTW, I was a huge MK fan back in the day, I like your Scorpion!


I have the opposite problem - fast link here at work, slower link at home. However, here at work, we have much of the access to the internet blocked. :frowning:

I have been using moho from Lost Marble for a few months now. I had started with flash, but was unhappy with the animation capabilities. It seems to be great for creating interactive websites, and even games, but for the animation basics it seems cumbersome. Also, the price for moho can’t be beat ($99). Check it out:

Lost Marble’s Moho

They also make a companion application called Papagayo for lip syncing (currently in beta).


jakilo thanks glad u like!!

the d and j clip on u site is great!


I finally had a chance to check out your demo reel and the rest of the shorts on your site Jakilo. I’m very impressed. Most of the animation I seen done in flash didn’t have the speed or quality of your work. I couldn’t get any sound to come thru , something was wrong with my quicktime codec. Awsome work. … ohh you said you still work with Flash 4, I was wondering if there are any major improvements in the animation aspect of Flash between Flash 4 and Flash MX. I know that actionscript has been improved as well as the components. I bought the entire Macromedia studio MX and I’m not sure if I should update to the New MX 2004.

Getting back to my project at hand, here’s what I have written for my animation TO BE > It will hopefully give you guys an inside to what I’m looking to create. Noob and a few already seen this in our previous thread, so just disregard.

Heres a little back drop information on Cyrix, one of the main supporting characters in my story.

Cyrix - Cyrix is a tall blond male that looks to be in his twenties. His real age is unknown due to the fact that Cyrix keeps his date of birth under wraps and never celebrates his birthday. His appearance and carefree attitude would never bring anyone to the assumption that Cyrix is one of the 3 wealthiest entities in the universe. While most wealthy humans are fortunate enough to purchase a mansion or even an island, Cyrix can afford to purchase entire planets or even planetary systems. How much he can afford has never been determined because his credit seems to be involved in everything from toothbrushes to Interstellar Wormholes. There isn’t an agency big enough to perform an audit of this magnitude at the current moment. Cyrix may be a free spirit but he’s also followed by his stubborn reputation of doing everything by the law and the rules of superstition. It is said that he once bulldozed one of his many mansion because someone shook his hand in its door way. It’s also said that he once gave every single perons on his home world planet Julius 4, a million credits, just to spite off the local government, eventually causing the economy to crash and a birth of the current free society. Some look at his actions as outrageous while others admire the dedication to his beliefs.

Julius 4 (planet) flourishes with tropical vegetation and ocean life. Compared to it’s neighboring planets, Julius ranks as the smallest in the sector. It’s small mass size is balanced out by it’s high velocity rotation, making it a perfect place to raise future pilots. The planet was named in honor of it’s discoverer and first king , Julius M. Cairnes. Today’s youth rarely questions the importance of the planets full name. Julius 4 used to be Julius 3 and before that Julius 2. The number that follows the planets name signifies the amount of times it has been completely destroyed by rogue asteroids. The last impact occurred 1630 lunar years ago and annihilated the entire tera population.


did u order the book yet terro?


I’m ordering it right now, I didn’t do it yesterday because I rememberd that I have my Amazon.com gift certificate from my associate program.

BTW - My condolonces to you , I know you guys are going thru a tough time atm and happy B-day. Me and my wife have friends in London.


I done did it :slight_smile: It shows that I will receive my copy by the 8th which is very unlikely, hopefully by monday it will arrive.