2D animation from somebody else's visuals, help?


I tried to search info about this with Google, but came back with empty hands. It might be because I’m not a native speaker so I don’t know the right words in English for searching about this…

Anyhow. I’m not an animator by education, I have an industrial design background and lately been doing graphic design in general. Now I have one project, where I should animate a visual identity which is designed by somebody else. And I don’t even know yet what kind of this visual identity is exactly, but what I have understood is likely is that at least parts of it will be hand drawn either on paper or on Wacom.

I have done some motion graphics type of animation before, but it has been either in a 3d animation from 3d stuff I have designed, or 2d animation in After Effects from vector graphics, again designed by myself.

So the question is, what would be the workflow for doing animation in this case? The person who is designing the visual identity, cannot and won’t do drawings frame by frame. So all I will get, is one or a couple of bitmap still images of the visual identity, and then I should make an animation out of them. What is the easiest way? I don’t think I’m capable to draw frame by frame 2d images along the graphics/ drawings that she will design for the visual identity and imitate her style.