2d & 3d artists wanted for freelance project!



I am the project-leader of the action-themed UT2003 modification “Bullet-Proof”. We are an ambitious, freelance project experienced team and there are still some free seats left.

We are in need of a modeler and at least one talented skinner who take care of our weapon- and playermodels and eventually help out with static-meshes for our maps and vehicles.

About the MOD:

The setting of BP is a war between 2 crime organisations, the “Mac Ewan syndicate” and the “Akimoto triad”. Beside a large range of weapons, items, stunts (rolls, flips etc), a weight-system (regarding the amount of weapons you can carry) and other functions, the MOD will also feature vehicles (hummers, vans, motorcycles…even a helicopter!). The ability to shoot out of the vehicles as passenger will be implented too.
The MOD focuses on team-deathmatch, however an “infiltration” mode is planned for following releases.

For more information and especially media, check out our site: http://www.bullet-proof2003.com

In case you are interested, contact me via mail (friechamp@bullet-proof2003.com) or ICQ (85543386).


  • FrieChamp


This mod sounds really cool. How far along are you on development?


Thanks, we aren’t that far since the MOD isn’t going for so long yet. However a bunch of weapons plus several vehicles and playermodels are modeled and textures, static-meshes are in the works.


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