2D/3D artists needed!!!


hey, anyone out thier interested in helping out on a new CS-type game being worked on? we are in need of texture artists, and object modelers. if you are interested please e-mail me at swe@swe-e.com, and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that this is a non-paying job, until we make some money out of it, so dont expect any money out of it anytime soon.
And also, if you are not serious about, and will not be active, please dont apply.


What kind of objects do you need? Maybe a list of things needed and things to do, don’t forget to include the stuff you’ve already figured out…

PS…I’m not a very good modeler with the programs used at this forum, but I can whip out autodesk inventor, which I use for mechanical design and such, then I can import it into rhino for rendering and such…


well, all the objects needed are not know yet, since we will be making multi-player maps. similair to those in battle field 1942. they should be outdoor maps. so objects such as crumpled buildings, sand bags, and such for now.


I’ll check the game out, and see what I can do, but such things would be quite hard to model in Inventor, but I’m trying to learn rhino, so…


Hey, CGFreak, do you want me to find and post some reference pics for the stuff he wants?

Edit: HEy, I remember you…aren’t you supposedly working on the rtk: chronicles project???

Just wondering…


Few reference images, is this what you want???


They’re part of a huge image archive here: http://www.planetquake.com/shattered/shine/images/ref/


ok, first, thanx for the help unleveled :slight_smile:

well, the maps needed are still not known, since we will have several diffrent style maps, but all(so far) will be out door maps!
as for joining out team of great people, heres what you need to do:

1-Find your best work!(optional, but would help judge your skill)

2-Make an object which is: a house, must have atleast 4 windows(preferably 6). this house should be a plain rectangular brick house(8M x 4M). it should be old looking, and barely standing(its in a war zone, what do you expect). this object must be low in polies. this is what you will be tested on! all objects must include textures. both objects and textures must be made by the person submitting to join!

points will be deducted for:
1-too many polies! (i.e, using 4 polys for a plain wall, instead of just 1)
2-leaving vertices unused
3- Bad textures (obviously!)

When you have found your greatest work (optional), send both objects (or just the building) to swe@swe-e.com along with your nickname (or real name, whichever you prefer to be addressed by).

For more infomation e-mail swe@swe-e.com


P.S. please only apply if you are serious about it!


Hmmm…applying for a free project, that’s a new one on me…

Plus as I said before, I’m not a good modeler, I will be learning rhino shortly, though, and when I get confident in my abilities, and a few projects finished, I will probably apply.

Thanks, but no thanks, I will help all that I can, I just don’t think I’m good enough at modeling yet to be of any help.

Maybe CGFreak will look into this further…


Why you surprised that we are asking people to apply? any team who dont ask for examples, and would take anyone, even if they cannot model, will definatly fail. if we let anyone join think of how bad the maps will look, and so everything will have to be redone like 5 times!
and well, if you ever change your mind you know where to find me.

so, anyone else interested?


One more note: maybe try talking to a few people over at www.stealth.com they make maps for UT and UT 2003, which looks vaguely familiar to the maps that you’ll be making…

I think there might be more map-makers there than here…

Also try:


Good luck with your project…:thumbsup:


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