2Bot and also crowd simulation..


Just something small I thought I would share.

The head i’ve had for a while, but I spent yesterday making the body…
In needs a plastic shell to be complete…


On to more important things;

I’m working on Crowd simulation with emitters and a looped animation, much like what was seen in a thread a few weeks ago.

What I can’t figure out is how to get a little variation in the loop and the timing of the run. Currently they all run together in synchronization, it looks cool, however it’s not what I want.

Do you have any suggestions on how to start the loops at different times?
Or how better to address variation.



Wow–thats cool.


So much detail! Looks like most of it is actual geometry. How much of it is maps?
However you did it- I think it is looking great :thumbsup: I like how you worked in the 2d design elements as well.

I look forward to seeing what you have in mind with the crowd sim. Good luck with it!


Thanks man, it’s all Geometry. No textures, bumps or anything.

Yeah, the Crowd simulation really pushes cinema to the edge, but there’s lots of cool tricks to simulate more than enough objects moving in motion.


love the render…

Any chance we can see some close ups…?
the arms look very cool…and bulky legs is a good mix…looks a bit unstable…but the pose contributes to that which is cool. only thing i’m not keen on is those two disc on the chest area…if you’re gonna keep em i’d be tempted to make a little smaller and lower down the chest.

cool model though bud…nice and different…good to see.


Here’s my crowd scene, you can check it out. Don’t pull the camera back, 2 mirrors simulate more people and you’ll end up behind those mirrors.

(it’s not much, but feel free to play around)


Flingster, here’s a closeup on some of the detail.

It needs a ton of work before it’ll be anywhere near complete.



Wow! You must have the patience of a saint. So much detail. Looks great.

Thanks for sharing the crowd sim file. I’ll check that out…

Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


how do you work so quick? i dont understand it


itc: thanks for the close up shot…like those legs

Ric_535: practice bud…but don’t worry about it, you gotta work at your own pace…some things that can help is, do a quick quick model…then make it again…sounds crazy huh…but this repeat on something small…lets you rethink your appoach. if you don’t want to do something like that…then try one of the speed modelling threads…even if you don’t post the results they have some good topics to try out. and the thing i’m really bad at myself is doing more range to your models will improve your skills…i’m terrible at mechanical type stuff and tend to stick to organic type stuff but if you can mix it up a little i’m sure you’ll be flying in no time…practice though is the main thing really i guess.


That crowd sim was a great idea. Thanks for sharing the file!!

Like Rick, I would like some insight into how you work so quickly :eek:
Before you go to Cinema do you work things out real tight, or do you just flesh it out from a loose concept? In your mind or on paper? I guess it depends on the project?

edit: Thanks for the tips Flingster! I started my response before you posted :slight_smile:


Things like that robot only look impressive because of the detail, it’s poorly built, it’s unstable, only looks good on several angles. My problem is, I don’t pre-plan for personal work because I don’t have time, so when it comes to making something for myself I rush through it with no sketches to go by, no real picture in my mind of what I want.

Sometimes I’ll build a simple cube model of what i’m going for, take those objects out into another scene and build around them. Also, I use pre-existing models to cheat certain sections, tweaking them and distorting them for the scene. Part of the leg, belongs to a space craft I was working on. My opinion is why waste what you’ve already built.


just something small he says! :slight_smile:

holly dear god, why isn’t this on the front page!!!..?

love the detail, and it has to be said your one of the best graphic designers ive ever seen, only just discovered the website…and was blown away. lovely high quility work going on all over the shop.


Great detail! It says waitiing on a shell… Are you going to cover up that with a translucent skin? I was just checking out the Ibot featurette and was blown away by the detail - and then see yours here! How about an animation of this guy?



Wow thats nice. I cant wait to take a look at the crowd sim file. The mech dude is great i would have made thiner limbs but i like it. you modeled the whole body in a day thats pretty good. I would have mech fore arms (skiny) with detaild hands and plastic only on hands. I know it kindof has forearms but i mean forforearms. Love the crowd sim with those jedi now if they could onl fight. Actually the best way to see that is to buy jediknight3 which is a luca arts game and do npcspawm jedi a hundred times. Thats probably one of the best autointel game engines considering they have to atack and block witha saber. Youd have to have a sick ass machine to run that though. Anyway back to c4d, great crowd sim stuff. Thanks for the file.


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