28 days later, matte painting WIP


Hey guys, I’ve hit a little down time since the E3 rush is over… So I tought it could be a great time to scrounge through my WIP folder and finish something. This is an image I started a while back in order to construct a matte painting tutorial for my web site I’m presently building.

It’s based on an idea I had a while back (actually walking home from watching the movie 28 days later at friends’ house…) where I wondered what my home town would look like if it had gone through the same situation as in that movie. So last summer (finally !!) I set off with my digital camera and grabbed myself a bunch of raw plates from around town…

At this point I’m basically destroying the city and working on overall mood… haven’t gone around to the lighting yet. There is still a lot of destruction to do in the back part also.

So what do you guys think? … feel free to comment or give ideas !! I’m open to suggestions.


ok sorry for the newbie post (It’s the first thread I start)…

I’ve looked and couldn’t find.
Is there a way to get my image showing in the thread like in the 2D finished gallery instead on a clickable thumbnail? Please tell me and I’ll edit my post… It would look lot better.

thks !!


This is looking awsome yellowdog!,

Wonderful idea man, right now the image is in a great stage, I would love to see more mood in it, kinda a ominous looking destruction. You know what would be cool, just a suggestion, but maybe some trashcans which have fire in it, like for homeless people which live there. This may give it more of a story. Love the direction of where your going with it.

Can’t wait to see the final image.:thumbsup:


Nice work! :thumbsup:
to answer your image question. you need to have a place to upload your image and then put the URL link to image inside the tags to wrap it so it will display in your post rather than a thumb.


Thks guys for the feed back…

SquarePixel: I like where your idea is going… it’s similar in a way to the Xmas lights on the balconny episode in the movie. A touch of life a bit out of place that grabs the attention. I’ll work the mood a bit more and post something later today. I was thinking of pushing the color palette towards a green - sickish tone to mimmick the zombie theme.

softdistortion: Cool !! thks… Now I’ll have to get my site up and running (extra motivation right there…) !! :slight_smile:


welcome yellowdog, this matte is really great, I love the details and of course I will look forward for the final version, the mood is really good, but some dust could help to the hazy look , I agree with you that it needs some lighting , it is too flat in some buildings . overall it is great,
how did you create that rounded perspective?


Hi Yellowdog,

Just a quick query… Does Ubisoft allow it’s employees to post work from current working titles on the internet? I was just curious as I don’t think we can at my work. If so, that’s pretty awesome of them. Nice pic too. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been answering earlier… was painting away on the matte. I should have an update by the beginning of next week (I want to put a max of details in those buildings and the original format is over 5K… so it’s taking a while!!!).

Thnks again for the great feedback!

to answer your questions:

jamesvfx: The rounded persperctive is the result of the sequential pics I used to produce my starting raw plate. Since I didnt have a tripod when I shot them they where pretty uneaven. I started playing around with them in Photoshop with the photomerge function… Photomerge gave me a half decent stich that I then tweaked by hand (I chose to keep the layers separate option). Just assembling my raw pictures would’ve given me a very fish eye vista, wich I didn’t want. I’m attaching a pic that shows a little how I did it.

georgenz: Since I work in the cinematics dept. and not on the game itself, once the work is released to the public (in this case, once the assassin trailer was made public on the net) I was allowed to post what I did on it. It would be very different for any “game” asset… as long as the game hasen’t come out, everything stays under sceal. Trailers are a little like independant productions that share the theme of a game… but not necessarly part of the game itself. When it come this thread’s matte… we’ll that’s a personnal project so I’m free to do with it whatever I please :wink:


Thats really cool! Thanks for sharing this.


Cool Yellowdog. Thanks for answering the question. Sounds like a great job to have.:slight_smile:


hey guys… sorry if I haven’t answered earlier. It was a long weekend here in Canada. (stayed away from the computer all weekend)

Here is an update, more buildings smashed… color correction to the mood and environnement was also added. I’m starting on the far city to the left tomorrow, also adding my first lighting and shadow pass.

comments and crits are welcome !!


This is turning out really soild so far yellowdog, thanks for sharing this with us. I never really seen the process of decontruction of matte before. Do you think we could get some close ups of the decontruction?:thumbsup:


hey guys… here’s an update.

Went in another direction then I had first tought with the lighting… tried to make it a bit moodier (from rainy day to smogish / smokey). Still a lot of work to do on the FG and to the overall smoke and haze.

What do you think? Comments and crits welcomed !!


hey SquarePixel… here are a few details from the image (the clips are at 100% res)
enjoy !!


WOW! That’s looking fabulous!!


Wonderful mood and composition here. Any tips how you achieved that detailed destruction on the buildings? Painted or did you used other stocks?


The destruction is both painting and a mixed base of distorted footage from the net with a lot of painting over. In this case I used the stock material to obtain the random little details that help make stuff more realistic… I then added and removed from that base by painting over to get the result I wanted. For the burned effect surrounding the damage, I find that the chalk bursh in photoshop does wonders. Use it at a lower opacity and work by varying the brush size and by accumulation and it gives excellent results. Looking at references from fire damage helps during that step. :slight_smile:

hoping this answers you question…


DUDE Thats awsome! Do you find yourself using the color dynamics for more variation? Or does the “chalk brush w/ lower opacity” itself do enough? Very good work man! Thanks man for posting this, I’ve been learning alot!

As a critque, this is just a suggestion, the middle ground building and the forground building seems to look like it’s not seperated enough on the left, but it might be caused from the bloom of the light.

FREAKING AWSOME MAN, I can’t wait to see more!:bounce:


I rarely use the color dynamics outside of smoke or clouds painting… the lower opacity gives me the option of building the density I want while keeping a bit of the underlying color. For me that’s enough… I find the color dynamics a bit hard to control at times. The combo of opacity with grain given by the chalk brush usually is enough.

hope this is making sense… ! :slight_smile:


Now I have to find this brush with the settings and I can start painting clouds, yippie

Edit: thanks for the tip with this brush. It works better than I thought :=)