27 New Tutorials Released: Maya, Wacom, CINEMA 4D, 3ds Max, ZBrush, 2D Training & ...


New training on Digital-Tutors is here as we release over 70 hours of new content to help artists learn all of the latest techniques and grow their skill set.

December’s new content includes 27 tutorials for CG, VFX and 2D art training. Members and friends of Digital-Tutors may have noticed a spike in our new releases for 2D, as we continue to bring more training options for members. While 2D, these courses are filled with insight that has benefits in all forms of art, including 3D, and we encourage members to try it out.

This month we’re also excited to have new Wacom training for using your device with ZBrush, MARI, Mudbox and Maya to get the most out of both the application and the Wacom device.

December’s new training also includes the new CG101 where new artists and students can learn the Basics of Computer Graphics and VFX, and marks the crossing of the 20,000 video mark for the training library. It’s quite a milestone to hit and the entire Digital-Tutors team wants to thank our members for helping be part of the ride and to get excited about all the great training still to come!

New Tutorials for December 2012:

nCloth Techniques for Characters in Maya
Creating Custom Muscles in Maya
Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya
Creative Development:Creating Light Rigs in Maya with Ed Whetstone

Creative Development: Look Development for Visual Effects in Maya with Xuan Prada
Creative Development: Creating a Sci-Fi Hero in Maya and Silo with Antony Ward
Creative Development: Realistic Fire and Sparks in Maya with Pankaj Malik
Creative Development: Rendering Interiors in 3ds Max and Maxwell Render with Stas Poritskiy

Maximizing Your Wacom Device for MARI
Maximizing Your Wacom Device for ZBrush
Maximizing Your Wacom Device for Mudbox
Maximizing Your Wacom Device for Maya

Creative Development: Destroying Urban Environments in NUKEX with Angelo White
Introduction to Lighting in 3ds Max
Introduction to mental ray in 3ds Max
Asset Workflows for Modular Level Design

Sculpting Workflows in CINEMA 4D
Creature Creation in CINEMA 4D
Creative Development: Sculpting Alien Concepts in ZBrush with Jonny Bone
Creative Development: Sculpting a Fantasy Monster in ZBrush and Softimage with Szabolcs Matefy

Designing a Game Boss in Photoshop
Designing Otherworldly Creatures in Photoshop
Painting Female Hairstyles in Photoshop
Illustrating Form and Folds for Clothing
Methods for Painting Realistic Skin Tones

Creating Dynamic PDF Forms with InDesign CS6
A Designer’s Guide to Printing with InDesign

CG101 - Learn the Basics of Computer Graphics and VFX

Watch the December new-training video and all of the latest tutorials on the new-training page.

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i must say digital tutors is one of the best online 3d/2d training sites


In Softimage Zbrush tutorial ICE was used for what? I went to the link and there is no detail of what.


They’re using it to create the chains along a curve.


Thanks DutchDimension.


Digital tutors has good tutorials


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