24 Hour Animation: Frostbite


On November 6, a total of 12 animators at the Rochester Institute of Technology dedicated the better part of a 24-hour time period to complete this animation. It was both a test to see what could be done within the strict time limit of one day and a means for sharing knowledge among peers in a structured production environment. Enjoy!

Download links:
High Resolution (17.2 mb)
Low Resolution (7.5 mb)


Thats awesome, I live in Rochester. But thats a pretty great job for a 24hr animation


Yay! turned out great! My favorite part was when the snowman barfed snow. heh.
What part did you do, Johweedee?


its a great idea to make an animation in only 24 hours. And the animation is very nice you wouldn’t say it took only 24 hours. I also really liked it when the snowman barfed snow. :slight_smile:


yes…where did that idea come from? and you began with the intention of finishing it within 24 hours? …wow


glad you guys like it.

HenningK - My responsibilities on this project were co-director, animating the first shot, texturing everything to look clay-like, matte painting, and overseeing modeling and lighting.

pigeonreverend - The idea came from a guy named Aaron Walsman who is currently working out in california as a rigger. He directed the first attempt. This animation was our first one completed in the 24 hour period. The idea for this came from a greeting card I saw at a dollar store. My co-director and I presented this card at the start of the 24 hour period and our story team went to work coming up with ideas. We want to keep this thing going by doing it a few times a year here at RIT and hopefully these projects will produce better and better work.


There’s nothing more fun than a tight deadline. Especially when you actually meet it.


Absolutely. That was a good part of the fun/insanity of doing this. We walked in with a loose concept, walked out with an animation.


I really liked the animation, and for the time you guys spent on it, it came out really good.
Te last part with the girl was maybe a little too predictible, it think it’s because of the movement the snowman made before barfing or the look on his face. maybe if he had the expression that he liked her and then barfed snowballs it would camouflage the upcoming reaction.

Kind regards


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