23rd Century Pin Up Series, V, G. Dimitriou (2D)


Title: 23rd Century Pin Up Series, V
Name: G. Dimitriou
Country: Greece
Software: photoshop

this is a pin up style piece in a series i am working in-between commissions, and hopefully will get to publish some time in the next 2 yrs

photoshop standard watercolour paintbrush and custom photo-pattern overlays, 3 h

be harsh, i don’t get offended


I normally just lurk and view, but this piece is really striking… it’s the style I like best: bold and raw with subtle details :love: The only possible thing I’d crit on is the background needs more variation than repeated paste of the same image, but that’s really minor. Rock on!!


WOOAHHH… :eek:
ummm… WOOAHHH, thats much different then normal lol!! VERY well done I like it alot. it really strikes you when you look at it… I have to agree with deatherthanred that the backround could use some work tho… a repeating background like that doesn’t do this justice… other than that its great!:thumbsup:


agree with above. but yeah i really think this is awesome and with a tiny bit of tweaking would be amazing. i love the design of the chick and her pose and the style in which its drawn. great work, love the look of it.:thumbsup:


I quite like this,

can you tell me a little more about your process? Do you start with any pencil sketches or just go right at it in PS?


A man…

really cool stuff…i like the colours


very cool work!, i love the stylë!


that’s a cool work dude…very artustic…like it,…cheers


Lovely. I like it overall. I really like the texture your pieces have. I would like some more definition in some places for example the eyes or mouth and her hands.

Really nice work!



As the title suggests, let’s hope it’s a bigining of a long serie!
:thumbsup: keep it up!


Nice one, the way you use colors variations and the white reminds me some of Enki Bilaal technics. It’s really beautifull wroks, keep up the good job ;p


Man, I´m speechless… this is so good work. As pinup does its job perfectly. As some others said, I agree with background, please try other idea. If you don´t mind I can suggest an suitable environment, just sketch it.

I´ll be looking for the complete series. Very top work.



Very nice use of subtle, discreet colours - I adore the use of the green in the gloves. I might protest against the size of her boobs making her fall over – but it’s a matter of taste, and you’re entitled to yours. It’s very beautiful work either way :]


once again a really beautifull image. I really like your style and… her tits :slight_smile:

what about that motorbike engine in the background? any purpose or just a random element?

keep it up!


as ever, very, very impressive work dude! :thumbsup:

a small request;
any chance of a desktop wallpaper version?


I love the image, but is it supposed to suddenly go black and white at the bottom portion?


hope crits keep coming up…even negative ones

this is a big Thank U for the support and anyone bothering voting and crit-posting(sic); i am really glad there are still people fond of expressively rough linework; it has always been a matter of personal taste, discouraged by most around where i live


i’m liking this.
has a kinda ‘Ghost in the Shell’ theme to it.
seen ‘Ghost in the Shell’ ?


your girls rock! they’re hot :slight_smile:


i spend some time browsing to some of those threads from the past and i came across this piece and i must say,this should be one of the most interesting pin up gal design i’ve even seen.u have a very unique style that conveyed to this.seen some of ur stuff and its all very well done.keep up the good work…i’d sure love to see more of ur work in future:)