227 Anatomy Videos - 43 Hours


I am posting this here from news section as someone suggested it might be better to do it here.

The Structure of Man - AlienThink has officially completed the largest Anatomy Training course on the internet for learning How to Draw the Human Figure from your Mind. The study course spans 227 videos which is over 43 hours to give Artists a complete understanding of the Human figure for creating[font=Arial][color=white] Illustrations, Animations, Comic Books, Game Design, Manga, Clay Modeling, Character Design, Fashion Design and all areas of today’s Art fields. The first 19 videos will also be appearing in ImagineFX Magazine issues 15,16,17,18.[/font][/color]

All 227 Videos are also available on 5 DVD volumes.


Great! Anyway to download them? Or is it intentionally steaming for the sake of sales (people who like hard copies).



that’s a really great link!
i had seen the first video but to be able to see all of them now… well… wow… there goes my freetime for the next few weeks :smiley:


I finally started to watch some of these and all I can say is WOW! These help SO much! I’ve been studying from the Loomis Figure drawing book now for a few weeks, and I just haven’t been able to understand everything simply because it’s not all explained…but these videos really make up for everything I didn’t find the answers to.

lol that really sounded like a commercial :smiley: but seriously, these are excellent learning videos. All for free too :slight_smile:


I’ve seen through a good lot of them now, and thanks to that, I’ve really gotten a grip on anatomy now, I feel. I’ll definitely see the rest eh, 15 hours or something, when I’ve practiced more life drawing. :wip:


You can’t really complain about $35/£18 for 45 hours worth of quality video training.


I’ve been wanting to learn the anatomy (and a process to create my own character builds), but have been looking for an all in one book or methodology in how to do so (which I’d yet to find).

This looks great though, and exactly what I was hoping to find eventually. I’ll have to see more videos (just watched the 1st one) before I purchase, but I’m sure for the price listed it’ll be worth it based on what I’ve already seen.

Thanks for posting about this. :slight_smile:


Are there any requirements to learn this DVD? (Shading, proportion,…)


Requirements, no. You can do it at any level.


After watching the first free example videos I´ve just ordered the DVDs yesterday. I think this is what I´ve been looking for since I was a child. I always wanted to learn how to draw humans without references and that formula based approach seems to be just right for me. Looks very very promising.

I´m really looking forward to the DVDs. By the way - if some of you outside the USA ordered and already got them - could you tell me how long you actually waited for them? In the ordering confirmation mail I was told that it might take up to four to six weeks, dependend on where I live. I live in Germany and I hope I don´t have to wait six weeks for the DVDs. I want to start drawing soon! :slight_smile:

thanks in advance for your information.



I don’t believe people from germany have to wait about six weeks. I think it’s more an information counts for nearly every country on this world. If u are living in sibiria, for example, u have to wait longer as people from other countries. :smiley:

Though I’m a beginner in drawing I just fancy to buy this dvd’s. Ok, today I got the book “The Artist’s Complete Guide To Figure Drawing” by Anthony Ryder but I think this DVD’s would be a perfect supplementation. :slight_smile:


edit: Ok, just ordered the DVD’s after i checked some parts of the tutorials. I think this is a great project people like us should support.



meanwhile I can just answer my question myself :slight_smile: - the DVDs arrived a few days ago - so it took about a week. Really recommendable!

Now I can start! :bounce:


I have just received the DVD set after only week of ordering (US to UK) I am only on lesson 19 of 227 and already it has completely revolutionised the way i draw and think about drawing - this will be the best £20 you will ever spend in your life!!!


Hey harmonix,
which level of drawing would you classify yourself?
Are u a bloddy beginner or do u have already any experience?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

edit: yeah, i just got my dvd’s as well! :thumbsup:


milch, my drawing skills are probably intermediate level - as a graphic designer and 3d filmmaker i want to use this course to widen my skills in the area of character creation - and I am pretty confident that riven’s amazing videos will do just that!


i have that stuff and its just a wonderful


I’m just about half way through and I can only recommend them. I’m pretty new to anatomy drawing and I think these DVD’s are just perfect to start with. The instructor not only shows how to draw the human figure, but also the meaning and functions of its parts, which helps understanding them a lot.
I think the DVD’s give you a profound undersanding of the human figure and some really good “how/what to think while drawing” lessons.
They are probably the best you can get for that price, and you sure won’t be disappointed…


I just ordered the DVDs :slight_smile: can’t wait to start… :thumbsup:


From the few I’ve seen, I don’t like the way he refers to muscles by just saying ‘this one’ and ‘that one’ and just vaguely pointing to them with his pencil.
It’s the inconsistency of it as well, he’ll refer to some muscles by name, the obvious ones like biceps and pecs, but not others - not a single leg muscle is ever spoken of by name, just pointed to.
Very sloppy method for a supposed anatomy teacher.
As for actually learning anatomy, if you already have intermediate to advanced knowledge (and you certainly have intervain) you’re not going to pick up much that’s new from these vids that isn’t in every anatomy book.


Well, let me post here my opinion,

this is probably the best toolkit for anyone that wants to start study anatomy and human figure draw… the way that Reaven Phoenix explain the lessons is incredible, the focus on the foundation of the human structure and the amazing way to teach together put this course on my top list of sugestions for anyone that ask me about learn human anatomy…
remember this is a VERY POWERFULL start, after that you will change the way that you see the things…

CONGRATULATIONS for the instructor and hope this toolkit helps lots of people as help me…

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