2023.1 - Nvidia Driver advice!? Is it called a memory leak? Could it also be called Bull$%*! - WHY MAXON! WHY



Does anybody know a stable driver for Nvidia cards while using c4d 2023 and the AE 2023?

It seems the recommended driver for c4d was 497.29, but it seems to be messing with C4D 2023, and it’s not supported by the AE 2023.


I’m on windows 11 - C4D 2023.1 - Redshift 3.5.10 - AE 2023 - 3070 TI

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



Have you reported the issue?

Venting can make you feel better but only a bug report can help. The more reports the receive the more it’s likely to get fixed.

You can’t do much more than ensure you’re on the latest Studio driver and wait for nvidia if it is a graphic driver issue. Why do you suspect it’s a graphic driver issue?


There is a new nvidia driver fresh out of the oven that supposedly fixes a c4d redshift issue. A lot of artists I’ve seen also talk about issues with after effects and c4d, but perhaps fixing that will also help with ae woes:

From the release notes:


G-SYNC logo is not displayed in the LG OLED TV menu when connected to GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs [3849595]
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection may crash when launched on a GeForce GTX 10 series GPU [3841379]
[QNIX QX2710/Fujitsu Siemens SL23T-1/Dell UP2715K/ HP Z27q] Unable to select the native resolution of certain monitors from the Windows display settings [3833829][3833632][3689061]
[Daz Studio] Application crashes after updating to latest driver when trying to run simulation [3838022]
Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) service may report significantly higher GPU usage on certain PC configurations [3830387/3739997]
Maxon - Cinema4D + Redshift3D vidmemory allocations cause TDR or Driver Crash [3659104]


Well that seems pretty conclusive it’s a graphics driver issue!


I’m seeing other artists post that it didn’t fix their adobe woes. Redshift renders double or triple in time when using an adobe app. then again, I can’t imagine premiere editing is smooth while redshift is hammering away on a render no matter the driver.

Photoshop and AE all exhibit the issue, too.


Clearly not a driver issue but a gormless user issue in that particular case.

Many creative applications try and reserve as much GPU memory as possible and running Redshift with another application trying to reserve a chunk of GPU memory could easily push Redshift into out-of-core rendering i.e. swapping back and forth to system memory which you would expect to be horrendously slow e.g. 2-3x slower!

People also don’t realise having several browser (Chrome is particularly bad) windows open takes masses of GPU memory and combined with working in higher resolutions like 4k and up people see issues more frequently than before as GPU memory has not increased from 8-12 GB for mass market GPUs.

I have two PCs one for 3d and rendering and one for Davinci Resolve, Fusion and various other 2d work, this is the only way to reliably multitask. There’s no way I’d expect Resolve to work while a GPU render is happening in the background!


Agreed on Chrome. I started using Opera GX, which is aimed at gamers. The user has control over RAM, and CPU usage, which can be limited. Not sure about GPU, but I can tell it definitely sucks way less resources than any other browser.


I keep meaning to try Opera GX, I hear nothing but great feedback about it.


You can continue to use AE 2023 with no issues, despite the warning.

Incidentally C4D 2023.1 seems to be very bad at releasing GPU resources after a render.


Hi Infograph… apparently its been an issue for a while - Tech support is slow to reply and when they do, they arent much help!!! :grin:

Yes, it been reported and they recommended a driver earlier than the one mentioned in my post, and then the driver version mentioned in my post was recommended by GSG tech support.

But I’m now on windows 11 and new software updates are passing these drivers by…

Its not a rant - Its a plea for help :rofl::rofl:


Thanks @BubblegumDimension I’m scared to check it out!! But good to know


@Infograph - The problem lies with the software, specificity running AE and C4D at the same time - switching between the two while compositing - not so much rendering out a scene and using Ae at the same time.

Reshift/C4D apparently hogs up resources even when idle - and from what I’m told - purging the AE memory doesn’t do anything - and this eventually brings C4D to a crawl. Until a PC restart of course…

I have a beast of a machine - Dual 3070 TI - 256 gb RAM - 32 Core Thredripper - Nothing should get in my way - yet it has :roll_eyes:



Your system specs are not the flex you think they are.

Your system is heavily constrained by the meagre 8 GBs of VRAM of your GPUs. Once Windows takes its cut you’ve got about 6 GB for Redshift to play with. Any other application you have open is also taking a cut the fact you have a Threadripper and 256 GB of RAM is irrelevant. 6GB can disappear surprisingly quickly if you’re using a lot of hires bitmaps in your textures.

Personally I couldn’t work with 8 GBs of VRAM none of my scenes for about 2 years would rendering and I don’t use multiple Apps at once. I’ve no idea what VRAM AE demands but I know Davinci Resolve barely copes with 11 GBs of VRAM when working in 4k with Comps in the Fusion Page and complex colour grades. If I forget to close my web browser I’ll get the dreaded ‘Your GPU is Full’ error in no time. 11 GBs is right on the limit of barely being adequate for my work.

8 GBs is not beast level, 11 GBs is barely fit for purpose, 16 GBs should be the minimum recommended spec and 24/32GB should be what any serious professional should have as base spec for modern content production.

When I update my PCs in a few months, one will have a 4090 for 3D and the other a 4080 (or Mac Studio) for Resolve. Despite having more than double the VRAM of my current systems I still won’t try and multi-task rendering and editing/finishing on the same machine.

There maybe some issue with Redshift returning VRAM after render (that’s not confirmed) but a driver fix is not going to help you run two VRAM hungry applications in the kiddies paddling pool of 6GBs of usable VRAM. You are on a hiding to nothing.



Oh whoa - okay. not the flex I think it is… kiddies paddling pool… you are on a hiding to nothing… not sure what that means!!

When I read this entire post, it felt like you were talking down to me. Not sure…
But I wasn’t “flexing” as the kids say. I was informing, so I can receive proper advice based on my specs.

A Threadripper and 256 GB of RAM is irrelevant!!! uhhhh… Well… Not to me and my work pal…

And… a DRIVER did fix the problem… The driver I mentioned, worked fine before the updates took place… as I said… It is a Driver thing!!

who are you!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hop up off my post… get outta here with your rude little comments and go play with your 11bg of Vram.


6 GBs of usable VRAM compared to 256 GB of system RAM is like a kiddies playing pool.

Clearly I didn’t talk down to you I expected your lack of VRAM to be the overall issue given your large amount of system RAM. I incorrectly assumed you were working on much larger projects than you are which led me to the wrong conclusion.

When you run out of VRAM the fact you have a 32 core Threadripper and 256GB of System RAM will be completely irrelevant. If you can render in Redshift and run AE at the same time then obviously your project is much smaller than your system specs suggest. I said kids paddling pool as I was sure you must’ve felt that working with the constraints of 6 GBs of VRAM like playing in a small paddling pool. Clearly not.

I’m pleased for you that it turned out to be entirely down to the driver.

Sorry I wasn’t suitably impressed by your system specs though now I do wonder why anyone working on such tiny projects would need 256GB of RAM?

No worries, next time I’ll leave your ‘plea for help’ unanswered. :joy::joy::joy:


Keep your little snarky comments to yourself -

You must think you’re better than me - I don’t need YOUR help… or your pompous little remarks.

Yeah, leave my plea for help answered. No one cares about you…

No one cares if you’re unimpressed by the specs - that wasn’t the point of the post… and this coming from a girl who can’t even open a web browser while she works…

hahaha. Yeah, real efficient workflow you must have :laughing:

shut up - get off my post - go back to facebook with your bitter back and forth